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Testing photogrammetry-based techniques for three-dimensional surface documentation in forensic pathology.
We tested two approaches to 3D external body documentation - digital camera-based photogrammetry combined with commercial Agisoft PhotoScan(®) software and stereophotogrammetry-based Vectra H1(®), a portable handheld surface scanner. Expand
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An Unusual Zip Gun Suicide—Medicolegal and Ballistic Examination
Abstract:  Home‐made guns are imitations of typical firearms and usually have handgun characteristics. This article presents an unusual case of a suicide carried out by means of a fatal gunshot woundExpand
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What is the appropriate approach in sex determination of hyoid bones?
The hyoid bone is characterized by sexually dimorphic features, enabling it to occasionally be used in the sex determination aspect of establishing the biological profile in skeletal remains. BasedExpand
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Circular saw-related fatalities: A rare case report, review of the literature, and forensic implications.
Fatalities attributed to powered circular saws appear to be vanishingly rare events with highly wounding and rapidly incapacitating effects. When they do occur, they are mainly self-inflicted inExpand
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A Case of Fatal Spontaneous Varicose Vein Rupture—An Example of Incorrect First Aid
  • P. Hejna
  • Medicine
  • Journal of forensic sciences
  • 1 September 2009
Abstract:  Severe external bleeding due to varicose vein rupture is a rare complication of this frequent venous pathology. Venous bleeding can be very intensive and can be mistaken for arterialExpand
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Decapitation in Suicidal Hanging – Vital Reaction Patterns
Complete or incomplete decapitation as a consequence of suicidal hanging is very rare, few cases having been reported in the worldwide literature. Posthanging decapitation is typically related to aExpand
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The ability to act--multiple suicidal gunshot wounds.
Multiple self-inflicted gunshot wounds are rare and usually present a challenge to the forensic pathologist in determining the manner of death. Determining a person's capability to act following aExpand
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The morphology of human hyoid bone in relation to sex, age and body proportions.
Morphological aspects of the human hyoid bone are, like many other skeletal elements in human body, greatly affected by individual's sex, age and body proportions. Still, the known sex-dependentExpand
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The diagnostic value of synovial membrane hemorrhage and bloody discoloration of synovial fluid (“inner knee sign”) in autopsy cases of fatal hypothermia
We describe and discuss autopsy findings of synovial membrane hemorrhage and bloody discoloration of synovial fluid (“inner knee sign”) within a study population comprising 36 cases of fatalExpand
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Eponyms in forensic pathology
  • P. Nečas, P. Hejna
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Forensic Science, Medicine, and Pathology
  • 3 April 2012
The phenomenon of eponymous terms in forensic pathology is described in this paper. The authors analyzed representative textbooks (monographs) dealing with forensic pathology in both English andExpand
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