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Fine structure of neutral and charged excitons in self-assembled In(Ga)As/(Al)GaAs quantum dots
The fine structure of excitons is studied by magnetophotoluminescence spectroscopy of single self-assembled In(Ga)As/(Al)GaAs quantum dots. Both strength and orientation of the magnetic field areExpand
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Coupling and entangling of quantum states in quantum dot molecules.
We demonstrate coupling and entangling of quantum states in a pair of vertically aligned, self-assembled quantum dots by studying the emission of an interacting electron-hole pair (exciton) in aExpand
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Electronic structure of a single MoS2 monolayer
Abstract The electronic structure of a single MoS2 monolayer is investigated with all electron first-principles calculations based on Kohn Sham Density Functional Theory and variational treatment ofExpand
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Stability diagram of a few-electron triple dot.
Individual and coupled quantum dots containing one or two electrons have been realized and are regarded as components for future quantum information circuits. In this Letter we map out experimentallyExpand
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Physics of lateral triple quantum-dot molecules with controlled electron numbers.
We review the recent progress in theory and experiments with lateral triple quantum dots with controlled electron numbers down to one electron in each dot. The theory covers electronic and spinExpand
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Effect of edge reconstruction and passivation on zero-energy states and magnetism in triangular graphene quantum dots with zigzag edges
We present the results of ab-initio density functional theory based calculations of the stability and reconstruction of zigzag edges in triangular graphene quantum dots. We show that, while theExpand
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Excitonic artificial atoms: Engineering optical properties of quantum dots
We investigate factors which control the optical properties of quantum dots filled with N excitons. Detailed calculation of the electronic structure of these excitonic artificial atoms is carried outExpand
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Multiband theory of multi-exciton complexes in self-assembled quantum dots
We report on a multiband microscopic theory of many-exciton complexes in self-assembled quantum dots. The single particle states are obtained by three methods: single-band effective-massExpand
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Exciton dephasing in quantum dot molecules
The exciton dephasing time from 5 K to 60 K is measured in InAs/GaAs quantum-dot molecules using a highly sensitive four-wave mixing technique and shows a systematic dependence from the interdotExpand
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