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Consumer satisfaction and post-purchase intentions: an exploratory study of museum visitors
This paper examines the relationship between consumer satisfaction and future intentions in the museum context, and the role that demographic characteristics such as gender, age and education play.Expand
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Testing Conflicts of Interest at Bond Rating Agencies with Market Anticipation: Evidence that Reputation Incentives Dominate
This paper presents the first comprehensive test of whether well-known conflicts of interest at bond rating agencies importantly influence their actions. This hypothesis is tested against theExpand
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How Did the 2003 Dividend Tax Cut Affect Stock Prices?
We test the hypothesis that the 2003 dividend tax cut boosted U.S. stock prices and thus lowered the cost of equity. Using an event-study methodology, we attempt to identify an aggregate stock marketExpand
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Intra‐organisational marketing culture and market orientation: a case study of the implementation of the marketing concept in a public library
The measurement of both marketing culture and behaviour provides the opportunity to gain more insight into the overall market focus of organisations. This article seeks to determine the marketExpand
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Does Multinationality Matter? Evidence of Value Destruction in U.S. Multinational Corporations
We document that capital markets penalize corporate multinationality by putting a lower value on the equity of multinational corporations than on otherwise similar domestic corporations. UsingExpand
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Finance and Growth: Theory and New Evidence
This paper describes a feedback effect between real and financial development. The paper presents a new variable, which we call the cost of financial intermediation, through which the feedbackExpand
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The marketing and public relations practices of Australian performing arts presenters
Although arts organisations are often said to be underdeveloped in marketing and management areas, it is unclear whether this is actually an intentional response to the atypical environment in whichExpand
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Do Banks Time Bond Issuance to Trigger Disclosure, Due Diligence, and Investor Scrutiny?
This paper tests a new hypothesis that bank managers issue public debt, at least in part, to convey positive, private information and refrain from issuance to hide negative, private information. ThisExpand
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The impact of market liquidity in times of stress on the corporate bond market: pricing, trading, and the availability of funds during heightened illiquidity.
This paper investigates the impact of liquidity shocks on the composition of firms that enter the corporate bond market. When liquidity is at a premium, larger bonds by better known firms are muchExpand
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An Investigation of the Risk and Return Relation at Long Horizons
This paper examines the relation between expected stock returns and their conditional volatility over different holding periods and across different states of the economy. Seminonparametric densityExpand
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