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Life histories of Nemouridae and Leuctridae in Southern Ontario (Plecoptera)
AbstractThe life-histories of seven species of Nemouridae and two of Leuctridae have been investigated in Southern Ontario. Eleven sampling stations were chosen to illustrate the range of temperatureExpand
Capniidae, Leuctridae, and Perlidae (Plecoptera) from Nepal
Abstract Eleven species of the families Capniidae. Leuctridae. and Perlidae (Plecoptera) are recognized in a collection of stoneflies from Nepal. Five new species are described: Capnia nepalensis,Expand
Life cycles of 12 species of winter stoneflies from Quebec (Plecoptera; Capniidae and Taeniopterygidae).
The life cycles of 12 species of winter stoneflies belonging to the families Capniidae and Taeniopterygidae were studied in six river systems in southern Quebec, finding that some species showed evidence of a nymphal diapause interrupting development between June and September. Expand
Primary setae and pores on the last abdominal segment and the urogomphi of larval Hydroporinae (Coleoptera: Adephaga: Dytiscidae), with notes on other dytiscid larvae
The first instar larvae of 24 North American species of Hydroporinae (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), 6 species belonging to the three other dytiscid subfamilies, and 2 species each of Amphizoidae andExpand
Northern Canadian mayflies (Insecta; Ephemeroptera), records and descriptions
The Eurasian Ephemerella mucronata (Bengtsson) is reported for the first time from North America and Caenis Candida n.sp. Expand
Diapause in the Nymphs of Canadian Winter Stoneflies
The nymphs of several winter stoneflies, Taeniopteryx burksi, T. nivalis, Brachyptera fasciata, Capnia manitoba, Allocapnia granulata, A. pygmaea, and A. vivipara, undergo a diapause during theExpand
The macro-invertebrate fauna of a small Andean stream
An analysis of the size-frequency distribution of three species of mayfly, two of stonefly and six of caddisfly suggest non-seasonal life-cycles except for Anacroneuria sp. Expand
Annual patterns of emergence of some Quebec stoneflies (Insecta: Plecoptera)
Twelve series of collections of adults from emergence traps in four streams and from six different years provide data on the annual emergence patterns of Plecoptera, each species has a typical emergence pattern which it maintains year after year despite climatic variations. Expand