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A Dynamic Model of Stress and Sustained Attention
  • P. Hancock
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Human factors
  • 1 October 1989
This paper examines the effects of stress on sustained attention. With recognition of the task itself as the major source of cognitive stress, a dynamic model is presented that addresses the effectsExpand
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How cognitive load affects duration judgments: A meta-analytic review.
A meta-analysis of 117 experiments evaluated the effects of cognitive load on duration judgments. Cognitive load refers to information-processing (attentional or working-memory) demands. Six types ofExpand
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Effects of heat stress on cognitive performance: the current state of knowledge
This paper discusses the current state of knowledge on the effects of heat stress on cognitive performance. Expand
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Human aging and duration judgments: a meta-analytic review.
Differences in duration judgments made by younger and older adults were reviewed. Previous research is unclear about whether such differences exist and, if so, how they may be explained. TheExpand
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In search of vigilance: the problem of iatrogenically created psychological phenomena.
  • P. Hancock
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • The American psychologist
  • 1 February 2013
To what extent are identified psychological processes created in laboratories? The present work addresses this issue with reference to one particular realm of behavior: vigilance. Specifically, IExpand
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State of science: mental workload in ergonomics
Mental workload (MWL) is one of the most widely used concepts in ergonomics and human factors and represents a topic of increasing importance in the design of complex systems over the last three decades. Expand
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Noise effects on human performance: a meta-analytic synthesis.
Noise is a pervasive and influential source of stress. Whether through the acute effects of impulse noise or the chronic influence of prolonged exposure, the challenge of noise confronts many whoExpand
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The distraction effects of phone use during a crucial driving maneuver.
Forty-two licensed drivers were tested in an experiment that required them to respond to an in-vehicle phone at the same time that they were faced with making a crucial stopping decision. Using testExpand
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Age differences and changes in reaction time: the Baltimore Longitudinal Study of Aging.
This study analyzed auditory reaction time (RT) data from 1,265 community-dwelling volunteers (833 males and 432 females) who ranged in age from 17 to 96. Cross-sectional analyses revealed slowing ofExpand
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Abstract Motorcycles are overrepresented in fatal motor vehicle accidents: The death rate for motorcycle riders of about 35 per 100,000,000 miles of travel compares with an overall vehicle death rateExpand
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