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Spatial-Dynamic Modeling of Algal Biomass in Lake Erie: Relative Impacts of Dreissenid Mussels and Nutrient Loads
Over the past several decades, reductions in phytoplankton stocks and increased water clarity in Lake Erie have resulted from phosphorus load abatement and the introduction of zebra DreissenaExpand
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Thermal simulation of a lake with winter ice cover1
A one-dimensional thermodynamic model of a two-component ice and snow cover is added to an existing one-dimensional lake mixing model. Emphasis is placed on the thermodynamic coupling between the iceExpand
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Validation of a foot-and-mouth disease antibody screening solid-phase competition ELISA (SPCE).
This paper describes the validation of a solid-phase competition enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (SPCE) for the serological detection of antibody to serotype O foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) inExpand
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Application of a two-dimensional hydrodynamic reservoir model to Lake Erie
The relative impacts of changes in nutrient loading and zebra mussel establishment on plankton in large lakes are strongly influenced by hydrodynamics, yet adequately modelling the temporal-spatialExpand
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Geographical and age-stratified distributions of foot-and-mouth disease virus-seropositive and probang-positive cattle herds in the Adamawa province of Cameroon
Six of the seven known serotypes of foot-and-mouth disease (fmd) virus occur in Africa. This paper describes the results of a population-based cross-sectional study of the seroprevalence of fmd andExpand
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Sub-nanomolar concentrations of ciguatoxin-1 excite preganglionic terminals in guinea pig sympathetic ganglia
The actions of low concentrations of ciguatoxin-1 (CTX-1, 0.2-0.8 nM) in guinea-pig sympathetic ganglia have been analysed using intracellular recording techniques in vitro. The effects of CTX-1 wereExpand
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Impoundment effects on the thermal regimes of Kootenay Lake, the Arrow Lakes Reservoir and Upper Columbia River
The Arrow Lakes Reservoir and Kootenay Lake are comparable large reservoirs formed by the addition of storage onto natural lakes. Both have significant storage reservoirs upstream that are capable ofExpand
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Foot-and-mouth disease virus epitope dominance in the antibody response of vaccinated animals.
Five neutralizing antigenic sites have been identified on the surface of serotype O foot-and-mouth disease virus (FMDV). A set of mAb neutralization-escape mutant viruses was used for the first timeExpand
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Investigations into the cause of foot-and-mouth disease virus seropositive small ruminants in Cyprus during 2007.
In 2007, serological evidence for foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) infection was found as a result of differential diagnostic testing of Cypriot sheep suspected to be infected with bluetongue orExpand
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