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Creative Cities and Economic Development
  • P. Hall
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  • 1 April 2000
It is a great honour to come to Glasgow to honour the memory of Donald Robertson, particularly since I remember him for his well-known dictum that planes  ew between Glasgow and London in bothExpand
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Urban Future 21: A Global Agenda for Twenty-First Century Cities
I - The Millennial Change. II - Trends and Outcomes: The Urban World of 2025. III - Two Scenarios: The Urban World of 2025. IV - Rising to the Urban Challenge: Governance and Policy. V: GoodExpand
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Urban and Regional Planning
1. Planning, Planners and Plans 2. The Origins: The Urban Growth, From 1800 to 1940 3. The Seers: Pioneer Thinkers in Urban Planning, From 1880 to 1945 4. The Creation of the Postwar PlanningExpand
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Cities of Tomorrow: An Intellectual History of Urban Planning and Design Since 1880
List of Figures ix Preface to the Fourth Edition xii Preface to the Third Edition xiii Preface to the First Edition xv 1 Cities of Imagination 1 Alternative Visions of the Good City, 1880 1987 2 TheExpand
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Growth centres in the European urban system
The authors present a review of urban systems research with particular reference to Europe. Chapter 1 is an introductory overview of world urban systems research. Chapter 2 sets forth the objectivesExpand
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Great planning disasters
As the scale of planning increases so do the possibilities for error—and the author argues that the scale of some planning mistakes is such that they may correctly be termed disasters. Two sorts ofExpand
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The containment of urban England
This paper summarizes some main conclusions of the book The containment of urban England (2 vols, Allen and Unwin 1973) by the author and others. Volume I focuses on patterns of urban growth inExpand
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Looking Backward, Looking Forward: The City Region of the Mid-21st Century
Hall P. Looking backward, looking forward: the city region of the mid-21st century, Regional Studies. Emerging as a serious tool of analysis in the United States around 1950, the city region conceptExpand
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Magic carpets and seamless webs: opportunities and constraints for high-speed trains in Europe
The modern high speed train, developed in Japan in 1964, spread widely in Europe from the end of the 1970s. It has taken different forms in various European countries, reflecting different nationalExpand
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Sociable Cities; The Legacy of Ebenezer Howard
THE FIRST CENTURY. Howard's Beginning. Garden City: Ideal and Reality. From Garden Cities to New Towns. Plotlands: The Unauthorised Version. Land Settlement: The Failed Alternative. A ContinentalExpand
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