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Morphological priming without morphological relationship
Semantic transparency is a crucial factor in the processing of morphologically complex words, but seems to have a different impact depending on experimental conditions and languages. In English,
A crosslinguistic investigation of vowel formants in babbling.
A cross-cultural investigation of the influence of target-language in babbling found evidence of differences between infants across language backgrounds, which parallel those found in adult speech in the corresponding languages.
Processing of illegal consonant clusters: a case of perceptual assimilation?
Evidence is presented for a perceptual shift affecting consonant clusters that are phonotactically illegal, albeit pronounceable, in French, and for the automatic integration of low-level phonetic information into a more abstract code determined by the native phonological system.
Speech versus nonspeech in pitch memory.
The results suggest that, in auditory short-term memory, the pitch of speech sounds is not stored differently from the Pitch of nonspeech sounds.
Cross-language perception of nonnative vowels: Phonological and phonetic effects of listeners' native languages
Results coincide with the languages’ phonological and phonetic properties, including English, French, Danish, Norwegian.