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Neutrino emission from neutron stars
Abstract We review the main neutrino emission mechanisms in neutron star crusts and cores. Among them are the well-known reactions such as the electron–positron annihilation, plasmon decay, neutrinoExpand
Models of crustal heating in accreting neutron stars
Aims. We calculate heating associated with non-equilibrium nuclear reactions in accreting neutron-star crusts, taking into account the suppression of neutrino losses demonstrated recently by Gupta etExpand
Physics of Neutron Star Crusts
This review summarizes the progress, which has been achieved over the last few years, in modeling neutron star crusts, both at the microscopic and macroscopic levels. Expand
A Skyrme parametrization from subnuclear to neutron star densities Part II. Nuclei far from stabilities
In a first paper Skyrme effective forces were revisited in order to improve their isospin properties away from the β stability line. In this paper, these forces are specifically adjusted to reproduceExpand
A Skyrme parametrization from subnuclear to neutron star densities
Skyrme effective forces are revisited to improve their behavior with respect to the isospin degree of freedom from the stability line to the most exotic nuclei that coming experimental facilitiesExpand
Nuclear composition and heating in accreting neutron-star crusts
Nuclearreactionsin accreting neutron-starcrustsand theheatreleaseaccom panying them arestudied, underdierentassum ptionsconcerningthecom position oftheouterm ostlayerform ed oftheashesofX-ray bursts.Expand
Moments of inertia for neutron and strange stars: Limits derived for the Crab pulsar
Recent estimates of the properties of the Crab nebula are used to derive constraints on the moment of inertia, mass and radius of the pulsar. To this purpose, we employ an approximate formulaExpand
Fast Rotation of Neutron Stars
We show that for realistic equations of state of dense matter, the universal proportionality factor relating the maximum rotation rate of neutron stars due to mass-shedding limit to the mass andExpand
Keplerian frequency of uniformly rotating neutron stars and strange stars
Aims. We calculate Keplerian (mass shedding) configurations of rigidly rotating neutron stars and strange stars with crusts. We check the validity of the empirical formula for Keplerian frequency, fExpand