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Riemann Surfaces
This course serves as a follow-up of Math 506. The students are assumed to know complex analysis and have some basic knowledge in algebra and topology. The courses are divided into two parts: TheExpand
Canonical bases for cluster algebras
In [GHK11], Conjecture 0.6, the first three authors conjectured that the ring of regular functions on a natural class of affine log Calabi-Yau varieties (those with maximal boundary) has a canonicalExpand
Mirror symmetry for log Calabi-Yau surfaces I
We give a canonical synthetic construction of the mirror family to pairs (Y,D) where Y is a smooth projective surface and D is an anti-canonical cycle of rational curves. This mirror family isExpand
Compact moduli of plane curves
We construct a compactication Md of the moduli space of plane curves of degreed. We regard a plane curveC P 2 as a surface-divisor pair (P 2 ;C) and dene Md as a moduli space of pairs (X;D) where XExpand
Smoothable del Pezzo surfaces with quotient singularities
Abstract We classify del Pezzo surfaces with quotient singularities and Picard rank one which admit a ℚ-Gorenstein smoothing. These surfaces arise as singular fibres of del Pezzo fibrations in theExpand
Birational geometry of cluster algebras
We give a geometric interpretation of cluster varieties in terms of blowups of toric varieties. This enables us to provide, among other results, an elementary geometric proof of the LaurentExpand
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Stable pair, tropical, and log canonical compactifications of moduli spaces of del Pezzo surfaces
AbstractWe give a functorial normal crossing compactification of the moduli space of smooth cubic surfaces entirely analogous to the Grothendieck-Knudsen compactification Expand
Moduli of surfaces with an anti-canonical cycle
Abstract We prove a global Torelli theorem for pairs $(Y,D)$ where $Y$ is a smooth projective rational surface and $D\in |-K_{Y}|$ is a cycle of rational curves, as conjectured by Friedman in 1984.Expand
The homology of tropical varieties
Given a closed subvarietyX of an algebraic torusT, the associated tropical variety is a polyhedral fan in the space of 1-parameter subgroups of the torus which describes the behaviour of theExpand