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Pectoralis major to scapula transfer for patients with serratus anterior palsy.
This work has shown that scapulothoracic stability is of utmost importance for shoulder function inasmuch as it offers a stable base for arm motion--mostly forward flexion. Expand
Treatment of Unstable Extra-Articular Distal Radius Fractures by Modified Intrafocal Kapandji Method
The employed Kapandji technique showed to be effective in the treatment of unstable, extra-articular fractures of the distal radius, and has a low cost and is widely available in operation rooms. Expand
Ulnar nerve paralysis after forearm bone fracture☆
The importance of diagnosing this injury and differentiating its features lies in the fact that, depending on the type of lesion, different types of management will be chosen. Expand
Scaphoid Reconstruction.
Scaphoid nonunions less than 1 year after trauma and no carpal malalignment can be treated with percutaneous screw fixation under fluoroscopic and/or arthroscopic guidance. Expand
Volarly displaced phalangeal neck fractures treated by interfragmentary screws: report of two adult cases
This study further described and confirmed the existence of IE thumbs as a separate entity using MRI scans and pathological examination, in addition to conventional radiographs, and reiterated that IE thumbs consist of only two phalanges and should not be categorized as DTP thumbs, as the management of these two conditions differs. Expand
Use of a fixed-angle volar plate for a volar approach towards osteotomy of the distal radius enables satisfactory correction of the deformities and eliminates the need for removal of the synthesis material caused by tendon complications. Expand
Percutaneous fixation of mid-third wrist scaphoid bone fractures
* From Clínica da Mão, Complexo Hospitalar da Santa Casa de Porto Alegre and Hospital da Brigada Militar de Porto Alegre/RS (CM-CHSCPA and HBMPA), Porto Alegre, Brazil. 1. Head of Orthopedics ServiceExpand
Radiographic Evaluation of Patients Submitted to Percutaneous Fixation With Solid Screw for Distal Radius Fracture Treatment *
The technique was effective for the treatment of distal radial extra-articular fractures at 6 months, with a low complication rate; radiographic parameters values were acceptable and close to the anatomical ones. Expand
Factitious lesions of the hand☆
Two classic cases of factitious lesions that, similar to those described in the literature, is difficult to diagnose and difficult to treat are presented. Expand