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Effect of Light on the Formation of a Pigment in the Tomato Fruit Cuticle.
The state of catalase in the respiring bacterial cell and the development of tyrosinase and cytochrome oxidase activity in mutants of Glomerella cingulata are studied. Expand
External sprout inhibition and internal sprouts in potatoes
INTRODUCTION Internal sprouts in Irish potatoes were reported in 1846 by Mfiller (17). In 1958 ingrown sprouts (a synonym for internal sprouts) was first included as a defect in the U.S. StandardsExpand
Floral Initiation in Biloxi Soybean as Influenced by Grafting
Water and probably mineral nutrients move across Phaseolus-Biloxi graft unions readily, but elaborated foods do not appear to cross such unions. Expand
Vitamin Studies of Varieties and Strains of Peas.