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Association between exposure to pulsed electromagnetic fields and cancer in electric utility workers in Quebec, Canada, and France.
Several factors limit the strength of the evidence for a causal relation: lack of precision in what the meters measured; little previous evidence for this association; and no elevated risk for lung cancer in the utility workers overall in comparison with the general population. Expand
Characterization of the 60-Hz Magnetic Fields in Schools of the Carleton Board of Education
The aim of this study was to characterize 60-Hz magnetic field levels in 79 schools managed by the Carleton Board of Education. Using a Field StarTM 1000 magnetometer, 43,009 60-Hz magnetic fieldExpand
Occupational and residential 60-Hz electromagnetic fields and high-frequency electric transients: exposure assessment using a new dosimeter.
A new 60-Hz electromagnetic field dosimeter was tested to assess occupational and residential exposures of a group of electrical utility workers and a comparison background group over a 7-day period, finding utility workers' exposures were significantly higher than background levels. Expand
A dosimeter for assessment of exposures to ELF fields.
  • P. Héroux
  • Environmental Science, Medicine
  • Bioelectromagnetics
  • 1991
A small electronic instrument that can log electric-, magnetic-, and transient-field intensities of individual subjects for a duration of two weeks, thus allowing exposure to be assessed in considerable detail, shows clear differences in domestic and occupational exposures of specific groups. Expand
Long-Term Statistical Study of the Corona Electric Field and Ion-Current Performance of a ±900-kV Bipolar HVDC Transmission Line Configuration
The corona, electric field and ion- current performnance of a 6 x 4.06-cm conductor bundle, chosen for use on a ±900-kV bipolar HVDC transmission line, was studied on a test line for a period of overExpand
Survey of Extra-Low Frequency and Very-Low Frequency Magnetic Fields in Cell Culture Incubators
A typical cell culture CO2 incubator was probed in detail to document the pattern of 60-Hz magnetic fields (MFs) inside the unit, as well as the ability of the incubator to attenuate environmentalExpand
High Voltage AC Transmission Lines: Reduction of Corona Under Foul Weather
Can improved conductor designs lower the corona levels (audible noise, electromagnetic interference, power losses) of HVAC transmission lines under foul weather conditions? Three types of improvedExpand
High‐Voltage Electrical Injury: Chronic Wound Evolution
A chronic electrical burn model employing documentary and diagnostic techniques was designed in the primate for investigating wound evolution up to 10 days after injury, and no experimental evidence was found for progressive necrosis. Expand
High-voltage electrical injury: acute pathophysiology.
A reproducible high-voltage electrical injury model was established in the primate using a new approach to energy administration, measurement instrumentation, and data acquisition to be aware of the principles and the pattern of current distribution when performing early debridement and/or definitive coverage procedures. Expand
Both physiology and epidemiology support zero tolerable blood lead levels.
This review surveyed articles on chronic low-level lead exposures with a blood lead concentrations <10μg/dL and the development of neurobehavioral or renal disorders to find a true common ground between low- level lead toxicity in both the nervous system and the kidney. Expand