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Reaction-rate theory: fifty years after Kramers
The calculation of rate coefficients is a discipline of nonlinear science of importance to much of physics, chemistry, engineering, and biology. Fifty years after Kramers' seminal paper on thermallyExpand
Bistable systems: Master equation versus Fokker-Planck modeling
Relaxation and fluctuations of nonlinear macroscopic systems, which are frequently described by means of Fokker-Planck or Langevin equations, are studied on the basis of a master equation. TheExpand
Quantum Transport and Dissipation
Theory of Coherent Transport. Quantization of Transport. Single-Electron Tunneling. Dissipative Quantum Systems. Driven Quantum Systems. Chaos, Coherence, and Dissipation. Indexes.
Fluctuation theorems: work is not an observable.
The characteristic function of the work performed by an external time-dependent force on a Hamiltonian quantum system is identified with the time-ordered correlation function of the exponentiatedExpand
Driven quantum tunneling
Abstract A contemporary review on the behavior of driven tunneling in quantum systems is presented. Diverse phenomena, such as control of tunneling, higher harmonic generation, manipulation of theExpand
Thermodynamic laws in isolated systems.
The recent experimental realization of exotic matter states in isolated quantum systems and the ensuing controversy about the existence of negative absolute temperatures demand a careful analysis ofExpand
Generalized langevin equations: A useful tool for the perplexed modeller of nonequilibrium fluctuations?
The author identifies some subtle difficulties that one encounters within the framework of nonlinear generalized Langevin equations when describing an open system that is in contact with more than one heat bath. Expand
Stochastic resonance in biology. How noise can enhance detection of weak signals and help improve biological information processing.
  • P. Hänggi
  • Medicine
  • Chemphyschem : a European journal of chemical…
  • 15 March 2002
Noise is usually thought of as the enemy of order rather than as a constructive influence. In nonlinear systems that possess some sort of threshold, random noise plays a beneficial role in enhancingExpand
Transformations of nonlinear dynamical systems to jerky motion and its application to minimal chaotic flows
Third-order explicit autonomous differential equations in one scalar variable or, mechanically interpreted, jerky dynamics constitute an interesting subclass of dynamical systems that can exhibitExpand
Giant acceleration of free diffusion by use of tilted periodic potentials.
The effective diffusion coefficient for the overdamped Brownian motion in a tilted periodic potential is calculated in closed analytical form. Universality classes and scaling properties for weakExpand