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Porobeltraniella gen. nov. to accommodate two species of Beltraniella
The genus Beltraniella Subramanian is characterized by setiform conidiophores with radially lobed basal cells, separating cells and lageniform conidia with the distal free end truncate, proximal endExpand
New species of microfungi from Brazilian Amazon rainforests
Isthmophragmospora laevispora sp. nov., Henicospora amazonensis sp. nov., and Sporidesmiella curtiphora sp. nov. found on submerged decaying plant materials are described and illustrated.Expand
New records of conidial fungi for Brazil
In order to study the diversity of the leaf litter and aerial litter filamentous fungi, sample were collected from a semi-deciduous seasonal forest located in the Miguel Calmon, state of Bahia,Expand