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The Relationship of Word Length and Sentence Length: The Inter-Textual Perspective
The results achieved thus are relevant not only for linguistic studies of text classification, but for the study of other complex systems, as well. Expand
Word Length and Word Frequency
Since the appearance of Zipf’s works, his hypothesis “that the magnitude of words tends, on the whole, to stand in an inverse (not necessarily proportionate) relationship to the number of occurrences” has been generally accepted. Expand
Contributions to the science of text and language : word length studies and related issues
This chapter discusses the history and methodology of Word Length Studies, as well as the development of the Croatian National Corpus and Beyond, and some of the Typology of Slavic Languages. Expand
This paper concentrates on the question of zero-syllable words (i.e. words without vowels) in Slavic languages. By way of an example, special emphasis will be laid on Slovenian, subsequent to generalExpand
Classification of Author and/or Genre? The Impact of Word Length
190 Russian texts — letters and poems by three different authors — are analyzed as to their word length and it is shown that word length is a characteristic of genre, rather of authorship. Expand
Quantitative Text Typology: The Impact of Sentence Length
It is shown that indeed, a text typology is possible, based on sentence length, only; this typology does not coincide with traditional text classifications, such as, e.g., text sorts or functional style, but a new categorization into specific discourse types seems reaonable. Expand
The relation between word length and sentence length: an intra-systematic perspective in the core data structure
With a particular emphasis on different text types, it is shown, under which conditions processes of inter-level self-regulation are operative, and when they fail to be efficient. Expand
On the systematic and system-based study of grapheme frequencies: a re-analysis of German letter frequencies
  • P. Grzybek
  • Computer Science, Mathematics
  • Glottometrics
  • 2007
A re-analysis of German data reported by Best (2005) is conducted, concentrating on a detailed examination of parameter behavior, and it is shown that all parameters of this distribution behave regularly, if the analysis is based on the system’s inventory size, rather than on the class of items occurring in the given sample. Expand
Word Length and Frequency Distributions in Different Text Genres
It is obtained that the Singh-Poisson distribution seems to be the best choice for both problems: first, it is an appropriate model for three of the text sorts (private letters, journalistic texts and poems); and second, the parameter space of the model can be split into regions constituting all four text sorts. Expand