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Spinal epidural abscess: a meta-analysis of 915 patients
  • P. Grunert
  • Medicine
  • Neurosurgical Review
  • 12 December 2000
Wulf Seeling give a comprehensive review of more than 915 patients with spinal epidural abscesses (SEA) collected from the literature over the last four decades. At the beginning they present anExpand
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Computer-aided navigation in neurosurgery
The article comprises three main parts: a historical review on navigation, the mathematical basics for calculation and the clinical applications of navigation devices. Main historical steps areExpand
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Bovine pericardium for duraplasty: clinical results in 32 patients
Abstract Bovine pericardium has been widely used for grafts in cardiac surgery and seems to have suitable properties for use as a dural graft. We report on the use of solvent-preserved,Expand
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Results of 200 intracranial stereotactic biopsies
Abstract200 stereotactic biopsies were evaluated. The validity of the intraoperative histopathological results were compared with the final diagnosis using conventional embedding and stainingExpand
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German neuroendoscopy above the skull base.
Endoscopy plays an important part in current minimally invasive neurosurgery. The concepts, indications, and standards of current neuroendoscopy were developed in the beginning of the 1990s byExpand
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Basic principles and clinical applications of neuronavigation and intraoperative computed tomography.
Computed tomography (CT) images in combination with a navigation device enable three-dimensional (3-D) localization of intracranial lesions. Furthermore, CT scanning can be adapted for intraoperativeExpand
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The role of third ventriculostomy in the management of obstructive hydrocephalus.
OBJECTIVE Endoscopic third ventriculostomy (ETV) is an effective treatment for occlusive hydrocephalus caused by an obstruction of the CSF flow in the aqueduct or the posterior fossa. We evaluatedExpand
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Endoscopic procedures through the foramen interventriculare of Monro under stereotactical conditions.
The foramen interventriculare of Monro is an anatomical narrowness for the endoscopic access to the third ventricle. The effective mechanical angle to pass the foramen interventriculare from aExpand
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Cubital tunnel syndrome. Treatment by decompression without transposition of ulnar nerve.
Cubital tunnel syndrome is the second most common entrapment neuropathy in the upper limb; however, surgical treatment of the ulnar nerve entrapment at the elbow remains controversial. None of theExpand
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Re-ventriculostomy for treatment of obstructive hydrocephalus in cases of stoma dysfunction.
In this article, 12 re-ventriculostomies in the treatment for obstructive hydrocephalus are described. The etiology of the hydrocephalus was a benign aqueductal stenosis in 9 patients, a tumor aroundExpand
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