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Legacies of violence: trust and market development
We study the effect of individual exposure to civil conflict on trust and preferences for market participation. We conducted behavioral experiments and surveys among 426 randomly selected individualsExpand
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Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural-Urban Migration in China
This paper examines the impacts of the Chinese Household Responsibility System, which governs rural land tenure, on rural-urban migration. Migration in China has traditionally been limited by theExpand
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The institutional legacy of the Ottoman Empire: Islamic rule and financial development in South Eastern Europe
This paper uses a historical experiment - the occupation of South Eastern Europe by the Ottoman Empire - to shed light on the persistence of financial development. Interest-lending prohibitionExpand
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Relaxing rural constraints: a ‘win-win’ policy for poverty and environment in China?
The link between institutional and market failures, rural poverty and environmental degradation suggests a ‘win-win’ policy intervention: relax local ‘constraints’ and achieve poverty alleviation andExpand
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How sustainable are sustainable development programs? The case of the sloping land conversion program in China.
Summary This paper undertakes a comprehensive assessment of the long-run sustainability of one of the world's largest sustainable development programs, the Slopping Land Conversion Program (SLCP) inExpand
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The Weight of History on European Cultural Integration: A Gravity Approach
The cultural gravity model proposed in this paper uses micro-level survey data of 21,000 households to estimate the contribution to cultural heterogeneity of a long history of division between theExpand
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Conflict and Social and Political Preferences: Evidence from World War II and Civil Conflict in 35 European Countries
This paper uses new micro-level evidence from a nationally representative survey of 39,500 individuals in 35 countries to shed light on how individual experiences of conflict shape political andExpand
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The paper tests the popular hypothesis that the high prevalence of homicide in the South of the United States originates from the settlement by herders from the fringes of Britain in the 18thExpand
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The Fish is the Friend of Matriliny: Reef Density Predicts Matrilineal Inheritance
This paper studies the influence of marine ecology on social institutions of inheritance and descent. In a sample of 79 small-scale horticultural fishing communities in the Solomon Islands, and inExpand
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Forced Migration and Human Capital: Evidence from Post-Wwii Population Transfers
We exploit a unique historical setting to study the long-run effects of forced migration on investment in education. After World War II, the Polish borders were redrawn, resulting in large-scaleExpand
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