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Testosterone at high concentrations interacts with the human androgen receptor similarly to dihydrotestosterone.
Testosterone and dihydrotestosterone are believed to exert their androgenic effects by interacting with a single intracellular receptor protein in androgen target tissues. During fetal life, however,Expand
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A mutation in the DNA-binding domain of the androgen receptor gene causes complete testicular feminization in a patient with receptor-positive androgen resistance.
Androgen resistance is associated with a wide range of quantitative and qualitative defects in the androgen receptor. However, fibroblast cultures from approximately 10% of patients with theExpand
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A mutation of the androgen receptor associated with partial androgen resistance, familial gynecomastia, and fertility.
A family is described in which gynecomastia and undervirilization in five men (four of whom have fathered children) were inherited in a manner compatible with an X-linked defect. Three members fromExpand
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Androgen resistance due to decreased amounts of androgen receptor: a reinvestigation.
To provide insight into the pathogenesis of the androgen resistance in a previously described family with X-linked Reifenstein syndrome, we have systematically assessed a variety of parameters ofExpand
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Androgen resistance associated with a qualitative abnormality of the androgen receptor and responsive to high dose androgen therapy.
A 46,XY infant with perineoscrotal hypospadias and microphallus was identified in a family in which seven individuals have severe hypospadias that is inherited in a pattern compatible with anExpand
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Transformation of the androgen receptor to the deoxyribonucleic acid-binding state: studies in homogenates and intact cells.
Transformation of the [3H]dihydrotestosterone-receptor complex to the DNA-binding state was studied in intact monolayers and in homogenates of cultured human fibroblasts and mouse L-cells. WhenExpand
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Estrogen and androgen production rates in two brothers with Reifenstein syndrome.
Defects of the androgen receptor in 46,XY individuals cause aberrant virilization that varies from a female phenotype to men with minor defects. More severely affected individuals also developExpand
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