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Long-term impacts of prescribed burning on regional extent and incidence of wildfires : evidence from 50 years of active fire management in SW Australian forests
Prescribed burning is advocated for the sustainable management of fire-prone ecosystems for its capacity to reduce fuel loads and mitigate large high-intensity wildfires. However, there is a lack ofExpand
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Relationships among net primary productivity, nutrients and climate in tropical rain forest: a pan-tropical analysis.
Tropical rain forests play a dominant role in global biosphere-atmosphere CO(2) exchange. Although climate and nutrient availability regulate net primary production (NPP) and decomposition in allExpand
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Protocol for sampling tree and stand biomass.
• Supports Australia's position in the international development of policy and guidelines on sinks activity and greenhouse gas emissions mitigation from land based systems. • Reduces the scientificExpand
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Stable isotope and hydrochemical evolution of groundwater in the semi-arid Hamersley Basin of subtropical northwest Australia
The Hamersley Basin, in the semi-arid Pilbara region of northwest Australia, is currently subject to increasing pressure from altered hydrology associated with mining activities as well as waterExpand
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Estimation of evaporative loss based on the stable isotope composition of water using Hydrocalculator
summary Accurate quantification of evaporative losses to the atmosphere from surface water bodies is essential for calibration and validation of hydrological models, particularly in remote arid andExpand
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On the long-term context of the 1997–2009 ‘Big Dry’ in South-Eastern Australia: insights from a 206-year multi-proxy rainfall reconstruction
This study presents the first multi-proxy reconstruction of rainfall variability from the mid-latitude region of south-eastern Australia (SEA). A skilful rainfall reconstruction for the 1783–1988Expand
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Bioavailability and composition of dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen in a near coastal catchment of south-western Australia
The bioavailability and composition of dissolved organic carbon (DOC) and nitrogen (DON) were examined in 10 major sub-catchments of the Swan-Canning estuary, which bisects the city of Perth, inExpand
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Phosphorus mineralization kinetics and response of microbial phosphorus to drying and rewetting in a Florida Spodosol
Abstract Surface soils of a north central Florida Spodosol (sandy, siliceous hyperthermic Alaquod) from fertilized and unfertilized plantations of loblolly pine ( Pinus taeda L.) were conditioned,Expand
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The origin and function of dissolved organic matter in agro-urban coastal streams
[1] Streams draining urban and agriculture catchments are often a source of inorganic nutrients to downstream aquatic ecosystems, but little is known about how changes in land use influence theExpand
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Identity and specificity of the fungi forming mycorrhizas with the rare mycoheterotrophic orchid Rhizanthella gardneri.
Fully subterranean Rhizanthella gardneri (Orchidaceae) is obligately mycoheterotrophic meaning it is nutritionally dependent on the fungus it forms mycorrhizas with. Furthermore, R. gardneriExpand
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