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Lattice QCD with a chirally twisted mass term
Lattice QCD with Wilson quarks and a chirally twisted mass term represents a promising alternative regularization of QCD, which does not suffer from unphysical fermion zero modes. We show how theExpand
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Comments on 1/16 BPS Quantum States and Classical Configurations
We formulate the problem of counting 1/16 BPS states of = 4 Yang Mills theory as the enumeration of the local cohomology of an operator acting on holomorphic fields on C2. We study aspects of theExpand
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Simplifying superstring and D-brane actions in AdS4 × CP3 superbackground
By making an appropriate choice for gauge fixing kappa-symmetry we obtain a relatively simple form of the actions for a D = 11 superparticle in AdS4 × S7/Zk, and for a D0-brane, fundamental stringExpand
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Covariant one-loop amplitudes in D=11
Abstract We generalize to the eleven-dimensional superparticle Berkovits' prescription for loop computations in the pure spinor approach to covariant quantization of the superstring. Using these ten-Expand
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Practical Algebraic Renormalization
Abstract A practical approach is presented which allows the use of a non-invariant regularization scheme for the computation of quantum corrections in perturbative quantum field theory. TheExpand
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Covariant Quantization of Superstrings Without Pure Spinor Constraints
We construct a covariant quantum superstring, extending Berkovits' approach by introdu\-cing new ghosts to relax the pure spinor constraints. The central charge of the underlying Kac-Moody algebra,Expand
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A local formulation of lattice QCD without unphysical fermion zero modes
The problem of unphysical zero modes in lattice QCD with Wilson fermions can be solved in a clean way by including a mass term proportional to iψγ5τ3ψ in the standard lattice theory with Nf = 2 massExpand
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Gauge and topological symmetries in the bulk quantization of gauge theories
Abstract A gauge theory with 4 physical dimensions can be consistently expressed as a renormalizable topological quantum field theory in 5 dimensions. We extend the symmetries in the 5-dimensionalExpand
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On projections to the pure spinor space
A bstractA family of covariant non-linear projections from the space of SO(10) Weyl spinors onto the space of pure SO(10) Weyl spinors is presented. The Jacobian matrices of these projections areExpand
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Renormalization of non-semisimple gauge models with the background field method
Abstract We study the renormalization of non-semisimple gauge models quantized in the 't Hooft-background gauge to all orders. We analyze the normalization conditions for masses and couplingsExpand
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