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Andean Cocaine: The Making of a Global Drug
This is a new view of cocaine's expansive history.Illuminating a hidden and fascinating chapter in the history of globalization, Paul Gootenberg chronicles the rise of one of the most spectacular andExpand
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Cocaine: Global Histories
Originally a medical miracle, cocaine is now a dangerous pariah. Drawing on exciting international perspectives,Cocaineanalyzes and rethinks the origins of the modern drug. For the first time a bookExpand
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Between Silver and Guano. Commercial Policy and the State in Postindependence Peru
This study of Peru's transformation from a tottering colonial economy based on extraction of precious bullion to a massive exporter of bulk goods like guano shows how a struggle betweenExpand
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Blowback: The Mexican Drug Crisis
I n 2007, mexican president felipe calderón launched a major offensive against drugtrafficking groups, sparking an explosion of violence that has gained the intensity of a regional war. Calderón’sExpand
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Imagining Development: Economic Ideas in Peru's "Fictitious Prosperity" of Guano, 1840-1880
Retelling the saga of Peru's nineteenth-century age of guano, Paul Gootenberg provides the first book in English to explore the historical genealogy of Latin America's postcolonial economic thought.Expand
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Carneros y Chuño: Price Levels in Nineteenth-Century Peru
A MONG other dark legacies, nineteenth-century Peru remains an example of statistical "dark ages." The Peruvian state was essentially prestatistical; until recently, it lacked the need and capacityExpand
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The “Pre-Colombian” Era of Drug Trafficking in the Americas: Cocaine, 1945-1965*
Before anyone heard of Colombian narcotraficantes, a new class of international cocaine traffickers was born between 1947 and 1964, led by little-known Peruvians, Bolivians, Chileans, Cubans,Expand
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Cocaine Histories and Diverging Drug War Politics in Bolivia, Colombia, and Peru
This essay in comparative history examines the political responses rising across the Andes in the wake of cocaine’s current “shift south” away from the U.S.-Colombian axis that drove the hemisphericExpand
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