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Evaluating adjusted forcing and model spread for historical and future scenarios in the CMIP5 generation of climate models
We utilize energy budget diagnostics from the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project phase 5 (CMIP5) to evaluate the models' climate forcing since preindustrial times employing an establishedExpand
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Potential impact of climate change on fire risk in the Mediterranean area
In this study, output of the Hadley Centre Regional Circulation Model (RCM) (HadRM3P, 0.44° × 0.44° resolution) was used as input to the Canadian Forest Fire Weather Index (FWI) for the present and 2Expand
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Simulated resilience of tropical rainforests to CO2-induced climate change
Assessing potential future carbon loss from tropical forests is important for evaluating the efficacy of programmes for reducing emissions from deforestation and degradation (REDD). An exploration ofExpand
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Current changes in tropical precipitation.
Current changes in tropical precipitation from satellite data and climate models are assessed. Wet and dry regions of the tropics are defined as the highest 30% and lowest 70% of monthlyExpand
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Comparing Tropical Forest Projections from Two Generations of Hadley Centre Earth System Models, HadGEM2-ES and HadCM3LC
AbstractFuture changes in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations and associated influences on climate could affect the future sustainability of tropical forests. The authors report on tropicalExpand
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Large rainfall changes consistently projected over substantial areas of tropical land
This study quantifies a direct link between global greenhouse gas emissions and rainfall changes over tropical land, and identifies regions most at risk of large changes, such as southern and eastExpand
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A step‐response simple climate model to reconstruct and interpret AOGCM projections
[1] We propose a new simple climate modelling (SCM) framework for making fast climate projections and for interpreting global climate model (GCM) projections. This SCM is derived from CO2 step GCMExpand
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Quantifying Environmental Drivers of Future Tropical Forest Extent
Abstract Future changes in atmospheric greenhouse gas concentrations, and their associated influences on climate, will affect the future sustainability of tropical forests. While dynamic globalExpand
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A Simple Moisture Advection Model of Specific Humidity Change over Land in Response to SST Warming
AbstractA simple conceptual model of surface specific humidity change over land is described, based on the effect of increased moisture advection from the oceans in response to sea surfaceExpand
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Surface warming patterns drive tropical rainfall pattern responses to CO2 forcing on all timescales
Mechanisms behind regional tropical rainfall responses to CO2 forcing are examined in idealized climate model experiments, traceable to transient forcing scenarios. As previously shown, the patternExpand
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