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Spectral Energy Distributions of T Tauri Stars with Passive Circumstellar Disks
We derive hydrostatic, radiative equilibrium models for passive disks surrounding T Tauri stars. Each disk is encased by an optically thin layer of superheated dust grains. This layer reemitsExpand
Q in the solar system
Abstract Secular changes brought about by tidal friction in the solar system are reviewed. The presence or absence of specific changes is used to bound the values of Q (the specific dissipationExpand
Disk-Satellite Interactions
We calculate the rate at which angular momentum and energy are transferred between a disk and a satellite which orbit the same central mass. A satellite which moves on a circular orbit exerts aExpand
The excitation of density waves at the Lindblad and corotation resonances by an external potential.
We calculate the linear response of a differentially rotating two-dimensional gas disk to a rigidly rotating external potential. The main assumptions are that the sound speed is much smaller than theExpand
Toward a theory of interstellar turbulence. 2. Strong Alfvenic turbulence
We continue to investigate the possibility that interstellar turbulence is caused by nonlinear interactions among shear Alfven waves. Here, as in Paper I, we restrict attention to the symmetric caseExpand
Simulations of Incompressible Magnetohydrodynamic Turbulence
We simulate incompressible MHD turbulence using a pseudospectral code. Our major conclusions are: (1) MHD turbulence is most conveniently described in terms of counterpropagating shear Alfven andExpand
Self-similar gravitational collapse in an expanding universe
We derive similarity solutions which describe the collapse of cold, collisionless matter in a perturbed Einstein-de Sitter universe. We obtain three classes of solutions, one each with planar,Expand