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A review of imperative technologies for wastewater treatment I: oxidation technologies at ambient conditions
Nowadays, due to the increasing presence of molecules, refractory to the microorganisms in the wastewater streams, the conventional biological methods cannot be used for complete treatment of theExpand
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A review of imperative technologies for wastewater treatment II: hybrid methods
Abstract In the first part of this two article series on the imperative technologies for wastewater treatment, a review of oxidation processes operating at ambient conditions was presented. It hasExpand
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Cavitation: an auxiliary technique in wastewater treatment schemes
Abstract New techniques are being added to wastewater treatment schemes for meeting the high standards of environmental regulations. The present work highlights the use of one such technique,Expand
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Wastewater treatment using hybrid treatment schemes based on cavitation and Fenton chemistry: a review.
Advanced oxidation processes such as cavitation and Fenton chemistry have shown considerable promise for wastewater treatment applications due to the ease of operation and simple reactor design. InExpand
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Sonochemical reactors: important design and scale up considerations with a special emphasis on heterogeneous systems
Abstract The spectacular effects observed during acoustic cavitation phenomena have been successfully employed for a number of applications on laboratory scale of operation but a well defined designExpand
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Synthesis of biodiesel from waste cooking oil using sonochemical reactors.
Investigation into newer routes of biodiesel synthesis is a key research area especially due to the fluctuations in the conventional fuel prices and the environmental advantages of biodiesel. TheExpand
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Combination of ozonation with conventional aerobic oxidation for distillery wastewater treatment.
Laboratory-scale experiments were conducted in order to investigate the effect of ozone as pre-aerobic treatment and post-aerobic treatment for the treatment of the distillery wastewater. TheExpand
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Intensification of extraction of natural products using ultrasonic irradiations—A review of current status
Abstract Extraction of active chemical compounds from natural products is one of the most important research areas for pharmaceutical and chemical industries. Traditional techniques used for theExpand
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A review of applications of cavitation in biochemical engineering/biotechnology
Abstract Cavitation results in the generation of hot spots, highly reactive free radicals, and turbulence associated with liquid circulation currents, which can result in the intensification ofExpand
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Cavitational reactors for process intensification of chemical processing applications: A critical review
Cavitational reactors are a novel and promising form of multiphase reactors, based on the principle of release of large magnitude of energy due to the violent collapse of the cavities. An overview ofExpand
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