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The Initiation and Release of Retrieval Inhibition
Abstract Subjects free recalled or were cued with either four or eight retrieval cues in a modified directed-forgetting study. A directed-forgetting effect was observed for free but not cued recall.Expand
Segregation accuracy in item-method directed forgetting across multiple tests.
Two experiments examined recall across tests following item-method directed-forgetting instructions and the varying of presentation duration of items at study. For both immediate testing (ExperimentExpand
Emotion, directed forgetting, and source memory.
We investigated the role of emotion on item and source memory using the item method of directed forgetting (DF) paradigm. We predicted that emotion would produce source memory impairment becauseExpand
The antecedents of retrieval inhibition
Abstract The subjects were given one of three types of retrieval tests—free-recall, part-list cued-recall, or part-set cued-recall—in a modified directed-remembering study. A directed-rememberingExpand
Brief Report: Effects of Informational Feedback on Aluminum Can Recycling
The impact of informational feedback on the depositing of aluminum cans in recycling receptacles at a medium-sized university was investigated. Informational signs were placed over 20-recyclingExpand
Examining the efficacy of the GameSense gambling prevention programme among university undergraduate students
ABSTRACT This article describes a study assessing the effectiveness of a gambling prevention programme, GameSense, in modifying gambling cognitions and intentions among university undergraduateExpand
The Role of Intentional Forgetting in Employee Selection
Abstract The authors examined the effects of forbidden information on the employee-selection process. They presented the participants with 4 applicants for the position of cashier-stockperson. One ofExpand
Classification Accuracy across Multiple Tests following Item Method Directed Forgetting
We investigated recall of line-drawing pictures paired at study with an instruction either to remember (TBR items) or to forget (TBF items). Across three 7-minute tests, net recall (items reportedExpand
Is there hypermnesia and reminiscence for information intentionally forgotten?
  • P. Goernert, T. Wolfe
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • Canadian journal of experimental psychology…
  • 1 September 1997
Memory performance was examined across consecutive tests in three directed-forgetting experiments. Following word-method or list-method cueing to forget, significant directed forgetting was observedExpand
Source-monitoring accuracy across repeated tests following directed forgetting.
  • P. Goernert
  • Psychology, Medicine
  • British journal of psychology
  • 1 May 2005
The repeated recall of items from lists that participants were earlier instructed to either remember or to forget was examined in two experiments. RR participants (those instructed to remember bothExpand