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Gauge theories and magnetic charge
Abstract If the magnetic field for an exact gauge group H (assumed compact and connected) exhibits an inverse square law behaviour at large distances then the generalized magnetic charge, appearingExpand
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Models of Congestion in Hospitals
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Using Neural Networks to Automatically Detect Brain Tumours in MR Images
We present work being carried out to develop one such system to automatically detect a specific type of brain tumour from head MR images. Expand
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A new method of incorporating symmetry into superstring theory
Abstract Type II superstrings are compactified to four dimensions giving rise to a dimension-18 semi-simple Lie group. Two of these groups, SU(3)×SO(5) and SU(2)×SU(4) contain the standard gaugeExpand
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Computer vision applied to the detection and localisation of acoustic neuromas from head MR images
A method is described for the detection and localisation of benign tumours from head MR images. Detection is carried out at the pixel level using a neural network based approach. The results of thisExpand
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Off-shell CHY amplitudes and Feynman graphs
A polynomial form is established for the off-shell CHY scattering equations proposed by Lam and Yao. Re-expressing this in terms of independent Mandelstam invariants provides a new expression for theExpand
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Pockets of resistance: British news media, war and theory in the 2003 invasion of Iraq
Preface and acknowledgments 1. Introduction 2. Mobilising for battle: The news media and war from Vietnam to Iraq 3. Theorising and analysing media performance in wartime 4. Placing coverage of theExpand
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