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Stochastic simulation - algorithms and analysis
General Methods and Algorithms for Generating Random Objects and Output Analysis and Variance-Reduction Methods for Stochastic Optimization. Expand
Climate change and coral reef bleaching: An ecological assessment of long-term impacts, recovery trends and future outlook
The short- and long-term ecological impacts of coral bleaching on reef ecosystems are reviewed, and recovery data worldwide is quantitatively synthesized to maintain ecosystem resilience by restoring healthy levels of herbivory, macroalgal cover, and coral recruitment. Expand
Coral reef bleaching: facts, hypotheses and implications
Present evidence suggests that the leading factors responsible for large-scale coral reef bleaching are elevated sea temperatures and high solar irradiance (especially ultraviolet wavelengths), which may frequently act jointly. Expand
Coral reef bleaching: ecological perspectives
An effort must be made to understand the impact of bleaching on the remainder of the reef community and the long-term effects on competition, predation, symbioses, bioerosion and substrate condition, all factors that can influence coral recruitment and reef recovery. Expand
Coral reefs: Corals' adaptive response to climate change
Corals containing unusual algal symbionts that are thermally tolerant and commonly associated with high-temperature environments are much more abundant on reefs that have been severely affected by recent climate change, indicating that these devastated reefs could be more resistant to future thermal stress. Expand
Coral bleaching and mortality in Panama and Ecuador during the 1997-1998 El Niño-Southern Oscillation event : Spatial/temporal patterns and comparisons with the 1982-1983 event
Overall, the very strong 1997-98 and 1982-83 ENSOs were similar in magnitude and duration, but varied spatially, resulting in different patterns of elevated sea temperature stress and coral responses during the two disturbance events. Expand
A biogeographic analysis and review of the far eastern Pacific coral reef region
Abstract New information on the presence and relative abundances of 41 reef-building (zooxanthellate) coral species at 11 eastern Pacific and 3 central Pacific localities is examined in aExpand
A GSMP formalism for discrete event systems
A precise mathematical framework for the study of discrete event systems is described. The idea is to define a particular type of stochastic process, called a generalized semi-Markov process (GSMP),Expand
Unbiased Estimation with Square Root Convergence for SDE Models
This work introduces a simple randomization idea for creating unbiased estimators in such a setting based on a sequence of approximations for computing expectations of path functionals associated with stochastic differential equations (SDEs). Expand
Logarithmic asymptotics for steady-state tail probabilities in a single-server queue
We consider the standard single-server queue with unlimited waiting space and the first-in first-out service discipline, but without any explicit independence conditions on the interarrival andExpand