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Neuroglia : morphology and function
THIS MONOGRAPH, a meaty one, brings the reader up to date on the structure and function of neuroglia. The presentation is orderly, the writing concise (perhaps too brief at times) and clear. BasingExpand
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Der intraspinale Verlauf und die Endigungen der sensorischen Wurzeln in den Nucleus Gracilis und Cuneatus
Einleitung. Wie bereits schon in einer frfiheren Publikation (SOLER, 1950) darauf hingewiesen wurde, weichen die neueren Untersuchungen fiber die afferenten Verbindungen des Rfiekenm~rks yon denExpand
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Der Einfluß des Centrophenoxins auf das Alterspigment in Satellitenzellen und Neuronen der Spinalganglien seniler Ratten
SummaryThe appearance and distribution of old age pigment in the neurons and satellite cells of the cervical spinal ganglions of senile rats were examined light- and electronmicroscopically after theExpand
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Terminal degeneration in the lateral geniculate body of the monkey; An electron-microscope study
Summary1.The degeneration of optic terminals in the lateral geniculate body (LGB) has been studied in 16 monkeys after enucleation of one eye. In contrast to the results of our previous studies withExpand
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