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Community structure and the niche
1 Introduction and definitions.- 1.1 The community.- 1.2 Community structure.- 1.3 Species diversity.- 1.4 Trends in species richness.- 1.5 The problem restated.- 2 Niche theory.- 2.1 Development ofExpand
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Seasonal changes in circadian grazing patterns of Kerry cows (Bos Taurus) in semi-feral conditions in Killarney National Park, Co. Kerry, Ireland.
Domestic cattle generally graze during the day although some night-time grazing also occurs. However, questions remain as to the effect of management on circadian grazing patterns. This studyExpand
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Biodiversity evaluation tools for European forests
Executive Summary The Biodiversity ChallengeBiodiversity And Its Components Policy Development As Regards The Management Of Forest BiodiversityBiodiversity Assessment And Evaluation The EU ProjectExpand
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Ecosystem functioning in stream assemblages from different regions: contrasting responses to variation in detritivore richness, evenness and density.
1. The diversity of species traits in a biological assemblage varies not only with species richness, but also with species evenness and organism density, which together influence the concentration ofExpand
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The effects of the intensification of agriculture on northern temperate dung beetle communities
Summary 1 There is growing concern that the intensification of agriculture within southern Ireland is having detrimental effects on Irish fauna through habitat loss, reduction in biodiversityExpand
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River restoration: seeking ecological standards. Editor's introduction
Summary 1In the face of continuing anthropogenic stressors to freshwater systems world-wide, the natural resilience and resistance of the freshwater ecosystems that enables them to cope with orExpand
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Biodiversity effects on ecosystem functioning: insights from aquatic systems
Unprecedented rates of species extinctions have prompted extensive research into the consequences of biodiversity losses on ecosystem functioning. While aquatic species are most threatened, researchExpand
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Structural indicators of spider communities across the forest plantation cycle
Given the expansion of plantation forests in Ireland over recent years, there is a need to assess their impact on biodiversity and to identify how sustainable forest management strategies canExpand
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Aphodius dung beetle assemblage stability at different spatial and temporal scales
Abstract The stability of north temperate Aphodius assemblages was analysed at four spatial scales: geographical, regional, local and between-field and three temporal scales: inter-annual, seasonalExpand
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Experimental investigations of colonisation by north temperate dung beetles of different types of domestic herbivore dung
Abstract Field experiments investigated the colonisation by a north temperate dung beetle community (Aphodius, Geotrupes and Sphaeridium species) of artificial, standardised (1 l) dung pats fromExpand
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