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Ecology and sampling techniques of an understudied subterranean habitat: the Milieu Souterrain Superficiel (MSS)
The term Milieu Souterrain Superficiel (MSS) has been used since the early 1980s in subterranean biology to categorize an array of different hypogean habitats. In general terms, a MSS habitatExpand
A new cryptic ground beetle species from the Alps characterised via geometric morphometrics
The European Alps support several ground beetle Nebria (Nebriola) species, which are morphologically similar. A study conducted on a Nebriola population located between the Eastern Pennine andExpand
Conservation value of artificial subterranean systems: A case study in an abandoned mine in Italy
Subterranean ecosystems often harbour unique and specialised biocoenoses of considerable scientific interest and high potential conservation value. In view of the peculiar species assemblage in theExpand
An ecological survey of the invertebrate community at the epigean/hypogean interface
We studied the ecological continuum between caves and the associated network of fissures – Milieu Souterrain Superficiel (MSS) – in an hypogean site in the Graian Alps, Italy. Over one year, weExpand
Seasonal dynamics and micro-climatic preference of two Alpine endemic hypogean beetles
The climatic conditions occurring underground have a profound influence on hypogean fauna (Culver & Pipan, 2010). As far as hypogean beetles are concerned, it is well known that they generally dwellExpand
Five new species of the genus Leptomeson Jeannel, 1924 from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae)
Giachino, P. M., Bregovi}, P. & Jal`i}, B.: Five new species of the genus Leptomeson Jeannel, 1924 from Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina (Coleoptera, Cholevidae, Leptodirinae). Nat. Croat., Vol.Expand
New Anillina from South Africa, Tanzania, Madagascar and Seychelles Islands (Coleoptera: Carabidae, Bembidiini)
The Author describes two new genera of Bembidiini Anillina (Carabidae): Afranillus gen. n . of the Paranillus phyletic lineage and Afrodipnus gen. n . of the Microtyphlus phyletic lineage and theExpand
On the evolution of shape and size divergence in Nebria (Nebriola) ground beetles (Coleoptera, Carabidae)
Ground beetles include many species of rather recent evolutionary origin that are extremely similar in their external morphology. We used geometric morphometrics to quantify the relative degree ofExpand