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Tweets and the Streets: Social Media and Contemporary Activism
Tweets and the Streets analyses the culture of the new protest movements of the 21st century. From the Arab Spring to the "indignados" protests in Spain and the Occupy movement, Paolo GerbaudoExpand
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In search of the ‘we’ of social media activism: introduction to the special issue on social media and protest identities
An internet meme using the Anonymous’ Guy Fawkes mask ‘going viral’ on Facebook; the hashtag #wearethe99percent launched by the Occupy Wall Street movement being adopted by thousands of internet us...
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Constructing Public Space| Rousing the Facebook Crowd: Digital Enthusiasm and Emotional Contagion in the 2011 Protests in Egypt and Spain
The activist use of Facebook pages in the 2011 movements of the Egyptian revolution and the Spanish Indignados saw phases of exponential growth in user engagement in proximity to key protest events,Expand
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Protest avatars as memetic signifiers: political profile pictures and the construction of collective identity on social media in the 2011 protest wave
Protest avatars, digital images that act as collective symbols for protest movements, have been widely used by supporters of the 2011 protest wave, from Egypt to Spain and the United States. FromExpand
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Social media teams as digital vanguards: the question of leadership in the management of key Facebook and Twitter accounts of Occupy Wall Street, Indignados and UK Uncut
ABSTRACT Recent protest movements such as Occupy Wall Street in the US, the indignados/15M movement in Spain, and UK Uncut have witnessed the rise of social media teams, small activist groupsExpand
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The indignant citizen: anti-austerity movements in southern Europe and the anti-oligarchic reclaiming of citizenship
Abstract This article discusses the change in political vision of anti-austerity movements in southern Europe in comparison with previous protest movements. It focuses on the emergence of a discourseExpand
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Reclaiming Popular Sovereignty: The Vision of the State in the Discourse of Podemos and the Movimento 5 Stelle
This article explores how the MoVimento 5 Stelle (M5S) in Italy and Podemos in Spain thematise the role of the State. We draw from a qualitative analysis of speeches of party leaders and partyExpand
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From Data Analytics to Data Hermeneutics. Online Political Discussions, Digital Methods and the Continuing Relevance of Interpretive Approaches
An alternative, qualitative approach to the study of digital politics that focuses on the interpretation of the deep structures of meaning in social media conversations as they develop around various political phenomena. Expand
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The Digital Party: Political Organisation and Online Democracy
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