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Development of a Descriptive Language for Cheddar Cheese
: A standardized descriptive language for Cheddar cheese flavor was developed and validated. Representative Cheddar cheeses (240) were collected. Fifteen individuals from industry, academia, andExpand
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True metabolizable energy for wood ducks from acorns compared to other waterfowl foods
Acorns of bottomland red oaks (Quercus spp.) are an important food of North American wood ducks (Aix sponsa). Barras et al. (1996) demonstrated that female wood ducks selected willow oak (Q. phellos)Expand
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Accumulation of heavy metals in a long-term poultry waste-amended soil
Various metals are added to poultry diets to facilitate weight increase and disease prevention. The large amounts of poultry waste produced annually are dispersed intensively over relatively smallExpand
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Effects of in ovo injection of organic zinc, manganese, and copper on the hatchability and bone parameters of broiler hatchlings.
Effects of the in ovo injection of commercial diluent containing supplemental microminerals (Zn, Mn, and Cu) on hatchability and hatching chick quality variables in Ross × Ross 708 broilers wereExpand
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Using remote sensing to detect weed infestations in Glycine max
Abstract The objective of this research was to evaluate the accuracy of remote sensing for detecting weed infestation levels during early-season Glycine max production. Weed population estimates wereExpand
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Variability of Selected Soil Properties and Their Relationships with Soybean Yield
Given the potential for high amounts of variability in yield-affecting soil factors, some soil property or properties may serve as a basis for site-specific soil management. The objectives of thisExpand
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Effects of in ovo injection of carbohydrates on embryonic metabolism, hatchability, and subsequent somatic characteristics of broiler hatchlings.
The effects of the in ovo injection of different carbohydrate solutions on the internal egg temperature (IT), hatchability, and time of hatch of embryonated Ross × Ross 708 broiler hatching eggs wereExpand
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Effects of breeder age and dietary fat source and level on broiler hatching egg characteristics.
The effects of breeder age and added dietary fat source and level on broiler hatching egg characteristics were evaluated. Diets included no added fat (NAF) or 3.0% added poultry fat (PF) for peakExpand
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Poultry litter application to loblolly pine forests: growth and nutrient containment.
Forestland application of poultry manure offers an alternative to the conventional practice of pastureland application. Before such a practice is considered viable, however, it must be demonstratedExpand
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Multi-stage sampling for large scale natural resources surveys: a case study of rice and waterfowl.
Large-scale sample surveys to estimate abundance and distribution of organisms and their habitats are increasingly important in ecological studies. Multi-stage sampling (MSS) is especially suited toExpand
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