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Health and environmental consequences of the world trade center disaster.
Environmental exposures after the WTC disaster were associated with significant adverse effects on health, and the high alkalinity of WTC dust produced bronchial hyperreactivity, persistent cough, and increased risk of asthma.
Gaussian mixture clustering and imputation of microarray data
The Gaussian mixture clustering with model averaging imputation is superior to all other imputation methods, according to both evaluation metrics, on both time-series (cor related) and non-time series (uncorrelated) data sets.
Probabilistic Modeling of Dietary Arsenic Exposure and Dose and Evaluation with 2003–2004 NHANES Data
The general U.S. population may be exposed to tAs and iAs more from eating some foods than from drinking water, and this model evaluation effort provides more confidence in the exposure assessment tools used.
Growth and Deposition of Hygroscopic Particulate Matter in the Human Lungs
Transport and fate of inhaled particulate matter in the human lungs is calculated for realistic physicochemical conditions by a new dosimetry model. The model solves a variant of the general dynamic
Statistical distributions of air pollutant concentrations.
Random sampling-high dimensional model representation (RS-HDMR) and orthogonality of its different order component functions.
New orthonormal polynomial approximation formulas for the RS-HDMR component functions are presented that preserve the orthogonality property and show that the new method has better accuracy than the prior one.
Uncertainty reduction and characterization for complex environmental fate and transport models: An empirical Bayesian framework incorporating the stochastic response surface method
In this work, a computationally efficient Bayesian framework for the reduction and characterization of parametric uncertainty in computationally demanding environmental 3‐D numerical models has been
Random Sampling-High Dimensional Model Representation (RS-HDMR) with Nonuniformly Distributed Variables: Application to an Integrated Multimedia/ Multipathway Exposure and Dose Model for
This paper extends the previous RS−HDMR work with uniformly distributed random samples to those with a nonuniform distribution and treats uniform sampling as a special case, and weighted orthonormal polynomial expansions are introduced to approximate the RS− HDMR component functions.
Physiologically-Based Toxicokinetic Modeling of Zearalenone and Its Metabolites: Application to the Jersey Girl Study
The work described here is the first of its kind to present a comprehensive framework developing estimates of potential exposures to mycotoxins and linking them with biologically relevant doses and biomarker measurements, including a systematic characterization of uncertainties in exposure and dose estimation for a vulnerable population.