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The physics of liquid crystals
Part 1 Liquid crystals - main types and properties: introduction - what is a liquid crystal? the building blocks nematics and cholesterics smectics columnar phases more on long-, quasi-long and
Wetting: statics and dynamics
The wetting of solids by liquids is connected to physical chemistry (wettability), to statistical physics (pinning of the contact line, wetting transitions, etc.), to long-range forces (van der
The Physics Of Foams
Ordinary foams such as the head of a glass of beer and more exotic ones such as solid metallic foams raise many questions for the physicist and have attracted a substantial research community in
Reptation of a Polymer Chain in the Presence of Fixed Obstacles
We discuss possible motions for one polymer molecule P (of mass M) performing wormlike displacements inside a strongly cross‐linked polymeric gel G. The topological requirement that P cannot
Capillarity and Wetting Phenomena
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Coil-stretch transition of dilute flexible polymers under ultrahigh velocity gradients
Because the hydrodynamic interactions are reduced by stretching, a solute polymer coil should unwind abruptly when a certain critical value of the velocity gradient is reached. Depending on the