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Urban Problem Discourses: Understanding the Distinctiveness of Cities
ABSTRACT: Despite the insistence in interpretive policy analysis that the discursive construction of problems must be understood in terms of their historical and spatial context, it remains an openExpand
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Semantology: Basic Methods for Knowledge Representations
In this paper, we introduce the term “Semantology” for naming the theory of semantic structures and their connections. Expand
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Taking Metaphor’s Contextuality Seriously: Sharpening Theory – Reinspecting Methodology
The paper wants to promote a theory of metaphors that strictly reserves the term for the concrete, distinct, singular and contextually situated metaphor. It argues that thinking of metaphors simplyExpand
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Intelligence. Import/Export
Doing Research on Simulation Sciences? Questioning Methodologies and Disciplinarities
The application of computer-based simulation procedures has led to the formation of a compact body of methodological knowledge. But what about the methods and the practices of research in the socialExpand
Constructing discursive differences: towards a "logic" of cities
»Konstruktion diskursiver Differenzen. Zu einer ‚Logik’ von Städten«. The article examines an example to consider how the research approach focusing on the “intrinsic logic” of cities can be linkedExpand
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The Inverted Eye. Panopticon and Panopticism, Revisited
Panopticism is commonly taken to rely on something like a panoptic gaze – a reading of Foucault which still prevails in the discussion of today’s surveillance (and subjectification) technologies inExpand