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Sacred commodities: the circulation of medieval relics
An examination of sacred relics as commodities in the Middle Ages may seem to be pushing the definition of commodities as “goods destined for circulation and exchange” to an extreme. Could oneExpand
Furta Sacra. Thefts of Relics in the Central Middle Ages
To obtain sacred relics, medieval monks plundered tombs, avaricious merchants raided churches, and relic-mongers scoured the Roman catacombs. In a revised edition of Furta Sacra, Patrick GearyExpand
Genealogical Relationships between Early Medieval and Modern Inhabitants of Piedmont
In the period between 400 to 800 AD, also known as the period of the Barbarian invasions, intense migration is documented in the historical record of Europe. However, little is known about theExpand
A genetic perspective on Longobard-Era migrations
From the first century AD, Europe has been interested by population movements, commonly known as Barbarian migrations. Among these processes, the one involving the Longobard culture interested a vastExpand
Ethnic Identity as a Situational Construct in the Early Middle Ages
In der Spatantike und im Friihmittelalter stellte die Ethniziat eine bedeutende Kategorie dar, derer sich die Autoren haufig zur Charakterisierung von Personen bedienten. Eine moderne Sicht derExpand
Genetic variation in the Sorbs of eastern Germany in the context of broader European genetic diversity
Population isolates have long been of interest to genetic epidemiologists because of their potential to increase power to detect disease-causing genetic variants. The Sorbs of Germany are consideredExpand
Understanding 6th-Century Barbarian Social Organization and Migration through Paleogenomics
Despite centuries of research, much about the barbarian migrations that took place between the fourth and sixth centuries in Europe remains hotly debated. To better understand this key era that marksExpand
The Myth of Nations: The Medieval Origins of Europe
Acknowledgments ix Introduction: The Crisis of European Identity 1 Chapter One: A Poisoned Landscape: Ethnicity and Nationalism in the Nineteenth Century 15 Chapter Two: Imagining Peoples inExpand