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Factor-XIIIa-positive dendrocytes and the dermal microvascular unit.
We present an immunohistochemical study with factor XIIIa antibody performed in a variety of cutaneous diseases. Our observations suggest that factor-XIIIa-positive dendrocytes, in noninflammatory con
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Proliferation Rate of Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas in the Skin — Relationship with Histologic Pattern and Cytology
Growth of malignant lymphomas depends in part on the proliferation of atypical lymphoid cells. We evaluated after incorporation of tritiated thymidine the rate of proliferation of lymphoid cellsExpand
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Héliodermie hétérochrome et risque de cancers cutanés.
The severity of heterochromia on sun-damaged skin is a good indicator for the risk of development of a skin cancer. Clinical photography under ultraviolet light allows to objectivate such a riskExpand
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Skin barrier repair after contact burns. electrometric evaluation using the passive sustainable hydration test
Corrosive compounds and burns destroy the skin barrier function. Little is known about the dynamics of repair of this function during the healing process. The passive sustainable hydration test wasExpand
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