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The statute of medicalization and the interpretations of Ivan Illich and Michel Foucault as conceptual tools for studying demedicalization
The term medicalization in the studies by Illich and Foucault was analyzed, in order to provide conceptual tools for studying movements that contest medicalization. Illich addressed hypertrophy ofExpand
Agronomic and molecular analysis of heterosis in alfalfa
Gene ontology analysis of these genes revealed the presence of a number of terms related to metabolism and genetic information processing, and identified genes with both significant additive and non-additive levels of expression in the hybrid compared with the parents. Expand
[Between cynicisms, critical postures, precarious subjectivities and psychic suffering: contributions from a kinist book].
O cinismo é categoria central para compreender as dinâmicas de racionalização that regem as diversas relações no capitalismo contemporâneo y suas consequências para a vida prática. Expand
Brazilian mental health settings in covid-19 times: A reflection
Mental Health in Brazil is addressed considering the crossings of the sociocultural and political context in the production of psychological distress and drawing on reflections built from the available bibliographic productions on Covid-19, psychological suffering and from listening to individual and social experiences from the clinical care of Brazilians living in Brazil during the pandemic. Expand
Gender: pathways and dialogues between feminist and biomedical studies from the 1950s to 1970s
Despite the importance of the concept of gender for feminist studies, its use and meaning in biomedical research on intersexuality during the 1950s has been little problematized in the nationalExpand
The brief life of Norplant® in Brazil: controversies and reassemblages between science, society and State.
The article revisits the trajectory of this contraceptive in Brazil from its arrival through clinical trials to its eventual ban in 1986 by the Brazilian regulatory agency responsible for approving medications at the time. Expand