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Cephalopod culture: current status of main biological models and research priorities.
A recent revival in using cephalopods as experimental animals has rekindled interest in their biology and life cycles, information with direct applications also in the rapidly growing ornamentalExpand
Feeding schedule for Penaeus setiferus larvae based on diatoms (Chaetoceros ceratosporum), flagellates (Tetraselmis chuii) and Artemia nauplii
Abstract This paper is the first to present a basic feeding schedule for Penaeus setiferus larvae based on diatoms ( Chaetoceros ceratosporum ), flagellates ( Tetraselmis chuii ) and Artemia nauplii.Expand
Digestive Physiology of Octopus maya and O. mimus: Temporality of Digestion and Assimilation Processes
Digestive physiology is one of the bottlenecks of octopus aquaculture. Although, there are successful experimentally formulated feeds, knowledge of the digestive physiology of cephalopods isExpand
Replacement of live food with a microbound diet in feeding Litopenaeus setiferus (Burkenroad) larvae
Microbound feeds have been well accepted by shrimps and farmers in many penaeid shrimp hatcheries. The present study focused on an adequate level of replacement of Artemia nauplii and microalgae by aExpand
Timing of digestion, absorption and assimilation in octopus species from tropical (Octopus maya) and subtropical-temperate (O. mimus) ecosystems
Culture of octopuses is still in an experimental stage due to a lack of knowledge about their digestive physiology. This study aimed to determine the temporality of nutrient digestion, absorption andExpand
Effects of parental diets supplemented with different lipid sources on Octopus maya embryo and hatching quality
Abstract The present research showed, for the 1st time, the effect of formulated diets for broodstock of Octopus maya . Reproductive response of O. maya females fed prepared diets and a control dietExpand
Health status of post-spawning Octopus maya (Cephalopoda: Octopodidae) females from Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico
The present study aimed to evaluate the health status of Octopus maya females on different days after spawning (days 0, 10, 20, 30, and 40). A total of 25 O. maya females were examined in terms ofExpand
Changes in Biochemical Composition and Energy Reserves Associated With Sexual Maturation of Octopus maya
Climate conditions are related to changes in the biochemical composition of several tissues and associated to the processes of growth and sexual development in cephalopods. The biochemicalExpand
Growth, survival, quality and digestive enzyme activities of larval shrimp fed microencapsulated, mixed and live diets
An artificial diet for shrimp larvae was microencapsulated with a polysaccharide blend [66% gum arabic, 17% mesquite gum and 17% maltodextrin 10 dextrose equivalent (DE)]. Microencapsulated diet (MD)Expand
Effects of dietary protein sources on growth, survival and digestive capacity of Octopus maya juveniles (Mollusca: Cephalopoda).
We propose two hypotheses to explain the inexistence of adequate prepared diet for Octopus maya at this date: Hypothesis 1 is related to changes in protein structure during protein cooking, whichExpand