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Drawing on data from interviews with 65 masculine-to-feminine transgenderists, the authors examine the coming-out experiences of transgendered individuals. Drawing on the literature that shows genderExpand
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The findings from case study research conducted in a small, rural central Appalachian community during the winter of 1987-1988 suggest that standard definitions of wife abuse obscure the elements ofExpand
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Conformity Pressures and Gender Resistance Among Transgendered Individuals
Research on transgendered individuals has tended to come from medical, psychiatric, or deviance perspectives, with little attention to the social context in which these individuals exist or theirExpand
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Designing Women
This article draws on Foucault's concept of the exercise of power and Gramsci's concept of hegemony to examine how women used cosmetic surgery to exercise power over their bodies and lives. TheExpand
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Commodification and Popular Imagery of the Biker in American Culture
increasingly thought of American society as a consumer culture, in which purchasing goods, more than producing them, defines social relations. As such, consumption is intrinsically linked to theExpand
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Knowledge and power, body and self : An analysis of knowledge systems and the transgendered self
Symbolic interactionists have widely established the tenet that the self is formed in interaction with others. Despite this great contribution, this perspective has tended to sidestep discussions o...
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Assumed and presumed identities: Problems of self‐presentation in field research
Understanding how qualitative researchers utilize and manage identities in the conduct of field research is a critical, yet underdeveloped, field of inquiry. This article explores the ways thatExpand
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Corporate Logo Tattoos and the Commodification of the Body
This research explores the sociological factors underlying the increasing popularity of corporate logo tattoos. The authors draw upon critical theory, sociology of the body, and consumption toExpand
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Motives for and Personal and Social Benefits of Airplane Piloting as a Serious Leisure Activity for Women
Using the work of Freysinger (1995), Deci and Ryan (1985, 2000), and Stebbins (2007) as sensitizing concepts, we use analytic inductive methods to analyze interview data from twenty-six women who hadExpand
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Community in a mobile subculture: the world of the touring motorcyclist
Drawing on ethnographic data collected over a 9-year period, from 1998 through 2006, we examine the foundations of community among a non-geographic, mobile, identity-based community of touringExpand
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