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Investigation of dynamic characteristics of tall industrial chimney based on GPS measurements using Random Decrement Method
The paper is concerned with the investigation of dynamic characteristics, i.e. the natural frequencies and structural damping ratios, of a tall industrial chimney, located in the power station ofExpand
The Stuttgart TV Tower — displacement of the top caused by the effects of sun and wind
The monitoring of static, quasi-static and dynamic deformations of long-period structures is now possible using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. This paper describes the way in which theExpand
Dynamic characteristic of tall industrial chimney estimated from GPS measurement and frequency domain decomposition
Abstract This paper is concerned with the analysis of the capabilities and limitations of the use of horizontal dynamic displacements measured by the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology alongExpand
Application of GPS technology to measurements of displacements of high-rise structures due to weak winds
Abstract Global positioning systems (GPS) have been developed for military purposes like single-point positioning and navigation. The first non-military applications have been made for geodeticExpand
[The comparison of the statutes of the Vilnius Department of Pharmacy (1819) and the St. Petersburg Pharmaceutical Society (1818)].
A mention in the regulations of the pharmacy department (1819) of the recommended cooperation between the Vilnius and St. Petersburg societies resulted in comparing of their statutes, which revealed the surprising phrasing of the Polish statutes gained in their interpretation. Expand
Strouhal number of bridge cables with ice accretion at low flow turbulence
The paper concerns with the method and results of wind tunnel investigations of the Strouhal number (St) of a stationary iced cable model of cable-supported bridges with respect to different anglesExpand
A comparative study of along and cross-wind responses of a tall chimney with and without flexibility of soil
The paper is concerned with a comparative study of both the along and cross-wind responses of a tall industrial chimney with and without flexibility of soil. The along-wind response has beenExpand
Theoretical and experimental free vibrations of tall industrial chimney with flexibility of soil
In the first part of this paper natural vibration frequencies and natural modes of the 250 m high-multi-flue-industrial chimney, located in the power station of Opole, with flexibility of soil haveExpand
Aerodynamic force coefficients of an ice-accreted bridge cable in low and moderately turbulent wind
Abstract This study deals with the effects of wind turbulence on the mean aerodynamic drag, lift and moment coefficients of a stationary ice-accreted section model of a bridge cable for differentExpand