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Controlled microstructure of arc-sprayed metal shells
Shells made of sprayed ferrous materials are feasible for prototype and limited production tooling. A systematic study of the microstructure of arc-sprayed ferrous structures is presented,Expand
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Algorithmic tolerances and semantics in data exchange
Within industrial contexts, a common view of the level of confidence needed in CAD data transfer processes may be expressed as “1 don’t mind if the [CAD datatmnsfer] algorithm sometimes has difficulties, provided I get a warning message that tells me something has gone wrong. ” A particularly annoying, even mystifying, CAD data exchange problem occurs in the so-called ‘round-trip’ problem. Expand
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A design of a controller as a component of a robotic manufacturing system
Abstract This paper specifies the functional design of a robot or machine tool controller suitable for inclusion in robotic manufacturing systems. The principle interest is the unmanned manufacturingExpand
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The design of a flexible machining cell for small batch production
Abstract This paper discusses the conceptual design of a manufacturing cell for a small batch manufacturer. The cell produces small parts with dimensional tolerances of ±0.005 inch (0.13 mm) using aExpand
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Severity, Extent and Persistence of Spatial Yield Variation in Production Fields in the SE US Coastal Plain
In the US SE Coastal Plain, adoption of site-specific farming has lagged behind that in the upper Midwest. While reasons for this may be both social and economic, it appears that the importance ofExpand
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Designing Programming Languages for Manufacturing Cells.
A rule based language in conjunction with a set of grammatical constraints supervises a cell which manufactures turbine blade pre-forms. Expand
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Rapid Prototyping of Tools
Abstract : This report describes a system for rapid tool manufacturing based on the integration of stereolithograph and thermal spraying. With stereolithography apparatus (SLA), plastic prototypeExpand
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Precision Flexible Machining Cells within a Manufacturing System.
Abstract : This report discusses the conceptual design of a manufacturing cell for a small-batch manufacturer. The cell produces precision parts with a minimum of machining equipment. The cell designExpand
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Manufactured Part Modeling for Characterization of Geometric Variations of Automotive Spaceframe Extrusions
This article presents a method for characterizing geometric shape variations in manufactured automotive spaceframe extrusions using measurement data obtained by a Coordinate Measurement MachineExpand
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