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Transmitter release at the hair cell ribbon synapse
Neurotransmitters are released continuously at ribbon synapses in the retina and cochlea. Notably, a single ribbon synapse of inner hair cells provides the entire input to each cochlear afferentExpand
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Cholinergic synaptic inhibition of inner hair cells in the neonatal mammalian cochlea.
Efferent feedback onto sensory organs provides a means to modulate input to the central nervous system. In the developing mammalian cochlea, inner hair cells are transiently innervated by efferentExpand
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Mechanisms of hair cell tuning.
Mechanosensory hair cells of the vertebrate inner ear contribute to acoustic tuning through feedback processes involving voltage-gated channels in the basolateral membrane and mechanotransductionExpand
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Cholinergic inhibition of short (outer) hair cells of the chick's cochlea
  • P. Fuchs, B. Murrow
  • Biology, Medicine
  • The Journal of neuroscience : the official…
  • 1 March 1992
Cochlear hair cells are thought to be inhibited by the release of ACh from efferent neurons. Several studies have implicated Ca2+ as a postsynaptic intermediary in hair cell inhibition, but its roleExpand
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Switching of Ca2+-Dependent Inactivation of CaV1.3 Channels by Calcium Binding Proteins of Auditory Hair Cells
CaV1.3 channels comprise a vital subdivision of L-type Ca2+ channels: CaV1.3 channels mediate neurotransmitter release from auditory inner hair cells (IHCs), pancreatic insulin secretion, and cardiacExpand
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Potassium currents in hair cells isolated from the cochlea of the chick.
1. Potassium currents were characterized in tall hair cells of the chick's cochlea. Outward potassium currents were found to flow through two distinct classes of channels. 2. Individual hair cellsExpand
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Kinetic analysis of barium currents in chick cochlear hair cells.
Inward barium current (IBa) through voltage-gated calcium channels was recorded from chick cochlear hair cells using the whole-cell clamp technique. IBa was sensitive to dihydropyridines andExpand
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Facilitating efferent inhibition of inner hair cells in the cochlea of the neonatal rat
Cholinergic brainstem neurones make inhibitory synapses on outer hair cells (OHCs) in the mature mammalian cochlea and on inner hair cells (IHCs) prior to the onset of hearing. We used electricalExpand
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A novel cholinergic receptor mediates inhibition of chick cochlear hair cells
  • P. Fuchs, B. Murrow
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Proceedings of the Royal Society of London…
  • 22 April 1992
The central nervous system provides feedback regulation at several points within the peripheral auditory apparatus. One component of that feedback is inhibition of cochlear hair cells by release ofExpand
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The Postsynaptic Function of Type II Cochlear Afferents
The mammalian cochlea is innervated by two classes of sensory neurons. Type I neurons make up 90–95% of the cochlear nerve and contact single inner hair cells to provide acoustic analysis as we knowExpand
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