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Anti-influenza virus polyketides from the acid-tolerant fungus Penicillium purpurogenum JS03-21.
Fractionation of the ethyl acetate extract of an acid-tolerant fungus, Penicillium purpurogenum JS03-21, resulted in the isolation of six new compounds, purpurquinones A-C (1-3), purpuresters A and BExpand
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Α-pyrones and diketopiperazine derivatives from the marine-derived actinomycete Nocardiopsis dassonvillei HR10-5.
Three new α-pyrones, nocapyrones E-G (1-3), and three new diketopiperazine derivatives, nocazines A-C (4-6), together with a new oxazoline compound, nocazoline A (7), were isolated from theExpand
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Cytotoxic polyphenols from the marine-derived fungus Penicillium expansum.
Two new polyphenols containing both phenolic bisabolane sesquiterpenoid and diphenyl ether units, expansols A (1) and B (2), and two new phenolic bisabolane sesquiterpenoids,Expand
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Optimization of microwave-assisted enzymatic extraction of polyphenols from waste peanut shells and evaluation of its antioxidant and antibacterial activities in vitro
Abstract A microwave-assisted enzymatic extraction (MAEE) method was developed and optimized to enhance the polyphenols extraction yield from waste peanut shells. The optimum conditions were asExpand
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Cytotoxic bipyridines from the marine-derived actinomycete Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus WH1-2216-6.
Five new bipyridine alkaloids (1-5) and a new phenylpyridine alkaloid (6), which we name caerulomycins F-K, along with five known analogues (7-11), were isolated from the marine-derived actinomyceteExpand
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Metabolomic analysis of biochemical changes in the plasma and urine of collagen-induced arthritis in rats after treatment with Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang.
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE Huang-Lian-Jie-Du-Tang (HLJDT oren-gedoku-to in Japanese), a classical traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) formula, is well known for the treatment ofExpand
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Characterization of char from rapid pyrolysis of rice husk
Abstract In the present study, one process was selected for a fundamental study of structural evolution during rapid pyrolysis, as well as for the study of the influence of such evolution on charExpand
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Simultaneous analysis of flavonoids from Hypericum japonicum Thunb.ex Murray (Hypericaceae) by HPLC-DAD-ESI/MS.
  • J. Su, P. Fu, +5 authors W. Zhang
  • Chemistry, Medicine
  • Journal of pharmaceutical and biomedical analysis
  • 22 January 2008
A novel and sensitive HPLC-UV method has been developed for the simultaneous determination of five major flavonoids in Hypericum japonicum hydroalcoholic extract. The chemical profile of fiveExpand
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Evaluating the Effectiveness of GTM-1, Rapamycin, and Carbamazepine on Autophagy and Alzheimer Disease
  • L. Zhang, L. Wang, +4 authors P. Fu
  • Biology, Medicine
  • Medical science monitor : international medical…
  • 14 February 2017
Background This study was proposed to compare the efficacy and safety of GTM-1, Rapamycin (Rap), and Carbamazepine (CBZ) in managing Alzheimer disease (AD). The impact of the above mentionedExpand
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Cyclic bipyridine glycosides from the marine-derived actinomycete Actinoalloteichus cyanogriseus WH1-2216-6.
Cyanogrisides A-D (1-4), four new glycosidic derivatives of bipyridine featuring a novel cyclic glycoside generated by vicinal hydroxyl groups of an aglycone with both the anomeric center and theExpand
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