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Identification of ras oncogene mutations in the stool of patients with curable colorectal tumors.
Colorectal (CR) tumors are usually curable if detected before metastasis. Because genetic alterations are associated with the development of these tumors, mutant genes may be found in the stool ofExpand
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Unknown primary carcinoma: natural history and prognostic factors in 657 consecutive patients.
PURPOSE To evaluate the natural history, validate previous observations, and identify prognostic factors in patients with unknown primary carcinoma (UPC). PATIENTS AND METHODS Nine hundredExpand
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Identification of p53 gene mutations in bladder cancers and urine samples.
Although bladder cancers are very common, little is known about their molecular pathogenesis. In this study, invasive bladder cancers were evaluated for the presence of gene mutations in the p53Expand
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Abnormal cell proliferation in psoriasis.
Psoriasis has been described as a disease of epidermal hyperplasia which is manifested clinically by excessive production of scale (1). Several reports have demonstrated that the thickened epidermisExpand
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Behavior State Matching During Interactions of Preadolescent Friends Versus Acquaintances
Face-to-face interactions of 56 sixth-grade friend and acquaintance pairs were videotaped, heart rate was recorded, and saliva cortisol was sampled. During interactions the friend dyads were moreExpand
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Methotrexate for psoriasis. A new therapeutic schedule.
Therapy of patients with severe psoriasis has been facilitated in recent years by the use of systemic methotrexate. Several common schedules for drug administration include small daily oral doses andExpand
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Cell proliferation kinetics in benign and malignant skin diseases in humans.
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Unknown primary tumors.
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Ichthyosiform dermatoses. Classification based on anatomic and biometric observations.
On the basis of clinical, histological, and cellular kinetic observations, a separation of the major ichthyosiform dermatoses into four groups is proposed. Ichthyosis vulgaris patients have dry skinExpand
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Eye changes in ichthyosis.
Examination of the eyes of a series of patients with four distinct types of ichthyosis disclosed that ectropion secondary to involvement of the skin of the lower eyelid was found only in patientsExpand
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