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Normothermic Perfusion: A New Paradigm for Organ Preservation
Objective:Transplantation of organs retrieved after cardiac arrest could increase the donor organ supply. However, the combination of warm ischemia and cold preservation is highly detrimental to theExpand
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Liver Transplantation After Ex Vivo Normothermic Machine Preservation: A Phase 1 (First‐in‐Man) Clinical Trial
The number of donor organs suitable for liver transplantation is restricted by cold preservation and ischemia–reperfusion injury. We present the first patients transplanted using a normothermicExpand
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Sirolimus therapy after early cyclosporine withdrawal reduces the risk for cancer in adult renal transplantation.
Sirolimus (SRL) is a mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor that, in contrast to cyclosporine (CsA), has been shown to inhibit rather than promote cancers in experimental models. At 3 mo +/- 2 wkExpand
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A randomized trial of normothermic preservation in liver transplantation
Liver transplantation is a highly successful treatment, but is severely limited by the shortage in donor organs. However, many potential donor organs cannot be used; this is because sub-optimalExpand
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Cold Machine Perfusion Versus Static Cold Storage of Kidneys Donated After Cardiac Death: A UK Multicenter Randomized Controlled Trial
One third of deceased donor kidneys for transplantation in the UK are donated following cardiac death (DCD). Such kidneys have a high rate of delayed graft function (DGF) following transplantation.Expand
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Major effects of delayed graft function and cold ischaemia time on renal allograft survival.
BACKGROUND There is mounting evidence from experimental and clinical studies that the quality of organs from cadaver donors may be influenced by events occurring around the time of brain death, andExpand
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Hepatic Steatosis and Normothermic Perfusion—Preliminary Experiments in a Porcine Model
Background. Steatotic livers are increasingly common in the donor population. Cold storage of steatotic livers exacerbates ischemia-reperfuson injury and risks primary nonfunction and recipientExpand
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Two‐year incidence of malignancy in sirolimus‐treated renal transplant recipients: results from five multicenter studies *
Abstract:  We examined the rates of malignancy at 2 yr after transplantation in renal allograft patients receiving sirolimus (SRL) in continuous combination with cyclosporine (CsA), SRL as baseExpand
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Alemtuzumab (CAMPATH 1H) Induction Therapy in Cadaveric Kidney Transplantation—Efficacy and Safety at Five Years
Alemtuzumab is a powerful lymphocyte depleting antibody currently being evaluated in solid organ transplantation. This paper describes 5‐year results of a single center study of alemtuzumab asExpand
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