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Effects of mediated learning experience on Raven's matrices scores of African and non-African university students in South Africa
Rushton and Skuy [Intelligence 28 (2000) 1.] found that White university psychology students in South Africa averaged between one and two standard deviations higher than African students on Raven'sExpand
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Suitability of published neuropsychological test norms for urban African secondary school students in South Africa.
Abstract Variations in neuropsychological test performance as a function of ethnic/cultural group membership, socioeconomic and educational status are widely documented. In South Africa, issues ofExpand
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Depressing facts about Zulu
Summary The laryngographic results show that in Zulu there is not a distinctive phonation type (breathy voice/murmur) on vowels adjacent to depressor consonants. Although typical breathy Lx waveformsExpand
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Performance on Raven's Advanced Progressive Matrices by African, East Indian, and White engineering students in South Africa.
The hypothesis is tested that the Raven’s Advanced Progressive Matrices (APM) has the same construct validity in African university students as it does in non-African university students. AnalysesExpand
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The Relationship between Lecture Attendance and Academic Performance in an Undergraduate Psychology Class
This article reports on a preliminary investigation into the impact of non-attendance at lectures on the performance of students in a second-year psychology class. Results suggest that the frequencyExpand
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Online flow experiences, problematic Internet use and Internet procrastination
This study explores the theoretical and practical overlap between online procrastination, problematic Internet use, and flow on the Internet. Expand
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Performance of Black and White South African Children on the Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children—Revised and the Kaufman Assessment Battery
The validity of traditional intelligence tests for cultural groups that differ from those for whom the tests were normed has come under scrutiny. This is particularly the case for the previouslyExpand
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The Effect of Exposure during an Ongoing Climate of Violence on Children's Self-Perceptions, as Reflected in Drawings
Many children in South Africa are subjected to continually high levels of stress and political violence. Children who are exposed to violent stressors may be at increased risk for the development ofExpand
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Three Dimensional Spatial Perception and Academic Performance in Engineering Graphics: A Longitudinal Investigation
In this paper we examine the longitudinal relationship between three dimensional spatial perception and pass rates in engineering graphics, a course requiring ability to use visualisation inExpand
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Suicide Ideation in Adolescent South Africans: The Role of Gender and Coping Strategies
With an increasing number of studies showing a rise in adolescent suicidal behaviour and a wealth of literature concerning adolescent coping strategies, this study examined both these issues within aExpand
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