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Dynamics of dimensional reduction
In d-dimensional unified theories that, along with gravity, contain an antisymmetric tensor field of rank s-1, preferential compactification of d-s or of s space-like dimensions is found to occur.Expand
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p-adic numbers in physics
Abstract The boundary of the ordinary open string world sheet is the real line. Along with the usual open string, one can consider p -adic open strings whose world sheet has as boundary the p -adicExpand
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Non-archimedean string dynamics
Abstract Explicit formulas for the N-point tree amplitudes of the non-archimedean open string are derived. These amplitudes can be generated from a simple non-local lagrangian involving a singleExpand
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Abstract We show that the Veneziano and Virasoro-Shapiro four-particle scattering amplitudes can be factored in terms of an infinite product of non-archimedean string amplitudes. This factorizationExpand
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Introduction to Supersymmetry: Supergravities: locally supersymmetric theories
Preface Part I. Supersymmetry: The Physical and Mathematical Foundations: Part II. Globally Supersymmetric Theories: Part III. Supergravities: Locally Supersymmetric Theories: Part IV. Conclusion:Expand
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A hierarchic array of integrable models
Motivated by Harish–Chandra theory, starting from a simple CDD‐pole S matrix, a hierarchy of new S matrices involving ever ‘‘higher’’ (in the sense of Barnes) gamma functions are constructed. TheseExpand
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Multiparticle production on hydrogen, argon, and xenon targets in a streamer chamber by 200-GeV/cproton and antiproton beams
Interactions of 200-GeV protons and antiprotons on hydrogen, argon, and xenon targets were studied with a streamer-chamber vertex spectrometer at the CERN SPS. Results on multiplicities, rapidityExpand
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Macdonald polynomials from Sklyanin algebras: A conceptual basis for thep-adics-quantum group connection
We establish a previously conjectured connection betweenp-adics and quantum groups. We find in Sklyanin's two parameter elliptic quantum algebra and its generalizations, the conceptual basis for theExpand
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Topology of Higgs fields
It is shown that the conserved magnetic charge discovered by ’t Hooft in non−Abelian gauge theories with spontaneous symmetry breaking is not associated with the invariance of the action under aExpand
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Excitation scattering in integrable models and Hall-Littlewood-Kerov polynomials
Abstract The S -matrices for the scattering of two excitations in the XYZ model and in all of its SU( n )-type generalizations are obtained from the asymptotic behavior of Kerov's generalizedExpand
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