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Th e chironomidae (Diptera) of Australia.
This is a systematic account of the species of Chironomidae from Australia based mainly on collections in Australian museums, the British Museum, and the United States National Museum. One hundredExpand
Ecological dynamics of emerging bat virus spillover
Focusing on Hendra virus, but also addressing Nipah virus, Ebola virus, Marburg virus and coronaviruses, this work delineates this cross-species spillover dynamic from the within-host processes that drive virus excretion to land-use changes that increase interaction among species. Expand
A study of the New Zealand Chironomidae (Diptera, Nematocera)
The first two species of New Zealand Chironomidae were described by Hudson in An Elementary Manual of New Zealander Entomology (1892) and since then Kieffer (1922), Tonnoir (1923) and Pagast (1947) have further increased the total to 19. Expand
Epidemiologic Questions from Anthrax Outbreak, Hunter Valley, Australia
The mysterious contemporaneous reemergence of anthrax in this area is unlikely to be explained by mechanical vector-borne transmission because only 1 animal had eye damage, suggesting a crow attack, and there was no additional evidence of scavenger attack. Expand